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    Is there anyone in the house? - Exchange Upload Approval Delay

    mssdvm Community Member

      I have sent numerouse emails to Adobe Exchange trying to see why a Web widget ( Flexslider) I upgraded over two months ago seems to be stuck at "Status: Online, Pending Admin Review". Nothing I seem to do alters this status. Reupload, send emails, try to set an off exchange link, etc. etc.

      It seems no one is at home  to do an Admin review and no one ever responds. A simple bug fix upgrade never gets approved.

      How about an email adress to contact someone at least!! Or a reason why it can't be upgrade?



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          Evan Berrett Community Member

          I think just about everyone is encountering the same issue. I've emailed a variety of people, talked to people on their chat, etc. Nothing happens. All I know is that most of the attention is now on the new Adobe Exchange (adobeexchange.com) which currently will not host any items for Captivate 6 or earlier which means...we're left with the original exchange, or what they call the "classic" exchange. I'm not sure what it'll take for some people to finally get the service they've been promised, but I just hope whatever it is, it happens soon.