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    Best universal web video codex?

    jfk00ca Level 1

      I normally output videos for YouTube using the H.264 codex (I don't use the default YouTube but tweak the settings to my liking). However, I noticed that while I can view the videos on some tablets in my channel, I can't see them on the website where I've embedded them. (The particular tablet was an android samsung tablet.)


      Also, a client has decided that YouTube videos are too lossy for her liking and would like to have higher quality videos streamed directly from her website as well.


      Given all of the new tablets and smartphones on the market, what video codex/format would you recommend that can be embedded directly into a website and streamed via a regular hosting account? I have heard that .mp4 videos at a max resolution of 720p will work for ipads... does anyone know if there will be snags on other platforms/browsers?