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    Can DPS Content Viewer view PDFs as well as FOLIOS?

    Davd Spivak - Artstories Level 1

      Can't find the question I previously asked....


      I'm creating an App with Adobe DPS, it's a bookstore. The interface will be done with the storefront - and I want to have the ability for people to browse multiple categories for the books, just like Amazon and all of the online bookstores do.


      Here is what I want the App to do:


      I want the App to be a bookstore where people can go into different categories, download and purhase digital versions of books. Can the DPS App viewer be used to view PDFs as well as FOLIO files? Because we're going to have potentially hundreds if not thousands of books come to us - and I want to be able to give publishers the option of using PDFs as well as FOLIO files.


      Second question is - when people are viewing the App, can they go into different categories, browse and download FOLIO files by categories? I don't care about how they're categorized in the library, I just want them categorized in the storefront. If so, how do I go about doing this?