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    CS 5.5 Mac - can't copy and paste between layers


      I'm running CS 5.5 on Mac (OS 10.7.4).  Try as I might, I can't copy and paste between layers.


      Create new document

      Create new layer (= 2)

      With first layer active, create text box and type randomly

      Swtich to pointer, select text box, Copy

      With second layer active, Paste

      Error message onscreen:


      <<Cannot paste or place onto locked or hidden layers.  Do you want to unlock and show all affected layers in order to paste?>>


      If click OK, the source layer (layer 1) becomes active again, and my text box gets pasted in.  The destination layer (layer 2) is untouched.


      Both layers are visible, neither of them are locked.


      Any ideas much appreciated!