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    Capturing from HVX-200p in PP CS6 Creative Cloud vs. OnLocation

    Paul R Stark Level 1

      I presently own the CS4 MC but am up against the deadline for getting Creative Cloud for $29.99/month.


      What is not clear to me is whether I can continue to capture in 720p or 1080i direct to my computer somewhere in the Cloud apps, presumably PP. What format will it capture in from the Panasonic via firewire?


      Presently, OnLocation in CS4 nicely captures sound as .wav's and video as .avi's from the Panasonic. Plus, I've been able to take my laptop on location to capture in HD using OnLocation. If I'm not mistaken, I lose that with Creative Cloud.


      This post (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4464073) seems to recommend keeping OnLocation, but how is that done if Creative Cloud replaces my existing CS4? Also, since I don't have those rediculously expensive memory cards for the Panasonic, I capture direct to my editing workstation most of the time in house and rarely use the laptop. Works great via firewire. In fact, CS4 is still "adequate" for my needs.


      One final question: Is everyone on board with CS6 being worth it in Creative Cloud? Compared to CS4, are the features worth it (everything being 64-bit seems to be a big plus)? Are a ton of bugs still being worked out?


      Thanks folks.