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    Setup a way for clients to edit web app items on frontend?

    Biz Cat Rich Community Member

      Hi, I have a client that has a huge web app, with so many items that the web app usually takes a few minutes to list the first 20 items, or fails to load outright. But this is the page where the admin can search the webapp items to edit them.


      I need a way to allow editing of web app items. Can it be done on the frontend somehow?


      there is a nice search bar that is usually located on the web app list page in the admin area, where you can easily find a web app item to load and edit, however, because my web app has so many items,this page takes so long to load if at all, that i am stuck for a way to edit a single web app item now.


      I see we can use the tag {tag_edit} for allowing users to esit web app items on the frontend, can this be used somehow on the frontend search results, but just for an admin?


      Or alternatively,is there a way in the admin to search for a web app item, without loading the initial list of web apps?