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    Is there something wrong with my Pre9 installation?


      I have many issues with Pre9, but I'll start at the beginning. I have installed Pre9 on my iMac and have successfully created a few short "test" videos with it, but it just doesn't seem right to me. When I launch the program, after the initializing information passes, the opening screen is an empty white screen with nothing but a menu bar at the top. Is this right? It doesn't seem right to me.

      Secondly, when I drag a clip onto the timeline, the timeline turns into an almost unrecognizable jumble of red & yellow lines. It's nearly impossible to place a clip where I want it.

      In the past I've used Pinnacle Studio 11 on my PC and was able to easily make videos with menus without any fuss, but Pre9 has driven me nuts since converting to an iMac. Is it the program, the installation or me?

      I find this program very frustrating.