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    data merge causing layout shift


      I am having an issue merging multiple records on a single Master page resulting in the entire page ending up offset when merged. Using InDesign 5.5.


      I have tried starting over with a new file and skipping the preview step, because I have read preview in 5.5 might have glitches, but this doesn't seem to solve the problem. My entire text block with multiple merge fields and all the images scoot over to the right and down a few inches when merged. When I have done a preview, however, everything looks fine until I actually merge. The merge fields do end up in the right place on all the pages.

      Any suggestions? I'm merging tp pdf with an Excel csv file. Thanks.

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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          need more information. are you able to take screenshots of what is happening?


          what happens if rather than merging multiple records on a master page that the multiple records are on the normal page 1 (leave the master blank)?


          are you able to upload all assets for the project so that we can try to replicate the fault?

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            Molly43205 Level 1

            New Picture.jpg



            I cut off the bottom of this in my screenshot, but otherwise you can see how everything is getting shifted down and to the right, off the page.

            I'm not sure I know how to merge onto page 1 - I only have the master.

            I can send files offline, is there an email address?


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              Lincoln Printing Plus

              We have had this same issue. It happens in 5.5 and 6 with docs created in those programs. I have been able to create a successful merge in CS6 by using a document that was created in CS5 or earlier. Otherwise I have to save as an IDML file and transfer to another computer that still has CS 4 or 5, create the merged document, then transfer back. I do a lot of numbering and it's time consuming to have to adjust the placement on 1000–2000 instances on the high end. I've included some screen shots taken from the preview with the elements on the master page and with nothing on the master page. On this job the shift was down and to the left. I have had instances when the shift was up and to the left. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


              Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 11.13.45 AM.png


              Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 11.12.44 AM.png

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                Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional



                so far as uploading the assets to the web for us to test and replicate the fault, perhaps try the dropbox service or similar FTP service.


                more importantly


                after looking at the screengrab, i think the opening post was confusing. can you please confirm that when the merge is made, is the merge meant to be:


                * 1 record output per page (like a direct mail letter); or

                * many records output per page (like LincolnPrintingPlus's gift certificate post)


                also, what page is the merge being assembled on? an actual MASTER PAGE e.g.

                Screen shot 2012-09-01 at 9.43.04 AM.png

                or page 1 of the file with the master BLANK:

                Screen shot 2012-09-01 at 9.43.17 AM.png


                if the answer is one record per page and art is made on page 1 and the master is blank, there should be no issues. Having said that, we need to have access to all the assets to replicate the fault.

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                  Molly43205 Level 1

                  I'm new to InDesign and I'm starting to wonder if maybe the issue is good old fashioned operator error.


                  I have been merging on the master. I just tried merging a single record and everything worked perfectly, no shift. Except I only got one merged page.


                  This is a direct mail letter (one page) with multiple merge fields. This is where I get confused on the difference between single and multiple records.


                  Iif I'm supposed to be doing a single record merge, how do I get it to produce multiple pages, one per spreadsheet entry?  (I've read and re-read everything in the help section, but I'm afraid I still don't get it.) I tried replicating my master on successive pages, which I admittedly may have done wrong (copy and paste), but merging just produces the first entry of my spreadsheet over and over. 


                  I know I'm doing something wrong, but can't figure out what.



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                    SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Set you letter up once, and set your Merge dialog this way:

                    Records to Merge: All Records

                    Records per Doucment Page: Single Record

                    Screen shot 2012-09-06 at 9.57.47 AM.png

                    This will generate a  document with a new page for each record.

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                      Molly43205 Level 1

                      Duh. And thank you. That did it.