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    ID Deactivated by Adobe; Reinstall Not Working


      Right now my frustration level is very, very high.


      My copy of InDesign (CS6 version) was deactivated by Adobe on Monday. I contacted online tech support and they told me to reinstall, so I reinstalled.


      The control panel, tool bar and all panels are still not working, meaning they are not even selectable. I called Adobe, got a case number and was transfered to another number. After 20 minutes I was disconnected. I called back and was told the wait was between 5 and 10 minutes. Thirty minutes later, I was disconnected AGAIN. Nice. Almost a week dealing with this problem, no closer to problem solved.


      At the college where I work, the username and password associated with the software was changed by IT (without any notification, of course) and when I went to activate the software again, I put in the old username and password. I brought the laptop to the college, reinstalled ID and had IT put in the new username and password, but the software is still won't let me access the Control panel, toolbar, or panels.


      All I know is InDesign was working just fine, then Adobe deactivated it, and now it isn't working. IS THERE SOMEBODY OUT THERE WHO KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON?