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    Cannot view certain documents


      Certain .pdf files that I receive via email or attempt to view on the web (such as bank statements) open as pages that are completely grayed out. The full file seems to be there because the number of pages are correct.  However, there is nothing but a gray background on each page.  Files that I create myself open fine, as do files from certain other websites.  I have the most recent version of Adobe Reader (10.1.4) and have tried running the "repair" option, with no improvement.  I have tried saving the files to my computer and then opening them, but I get the same result.  I am using Windows 7.  The helpdesk at the bank told me that it is something to do with my configuration.  Any assistance will be so appreciated. Thank you. 

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          pranavj Adobe Employee

          Hi Liked-paper-better,


          Changing the zoom settings should allow you to see the contents of the document.  Try reducing the Zoom factor, or click the button to “Fit one full page to window”.

          You can make this change persistent (to avoid changing for every document) in Edit > Preferences > Page Display > Zoom > Fit Page.

          You can also try saving the PDF again in Acrobat using the PDF Optimizer to optimize the PDF file using Standard settings, or the Reduced Size PDF option.


          Let me know if it helps.



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            Liked-paper-better Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.  I was able to do what you suggested, but I still only have a gray background.  Even when I shrink it to view two pages at once, it is all gray with just the outline of the pages visible.  Is there a way to change the background color?  Maybe that is the problem?  I can't find anything in the drop down boxes on Reader to indicate any choices there.   This is so frustrating, because my bank is going to start charging for paper statements, and I can not view their stupid online documents. 

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              pwillener Level 8

              If you download these PDF documents to your local disk, can you open them from there?


              Another thing to check is if the device driver for your display adapter is up to date; see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/945765