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    CMYK and RGB Breakdowns


      Would really like to see in Kuler the use of CMYK and RGB breakdowns with the combinations in some way. For those of us that dont have CS2 apliications and cannot use the swatch exchanmge file it would be really helpful! Then we can just punhc in the number in our applications to get the accurate colours

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          If you click the 'Make changes to this theme' icon it will give you all the breakdowns you desire.
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            it is kind of amazing, that when importing the swatches, they import as RGB. Granted RGB is a more vibrant gamut. But CS2 is primarily print design software. Although they do have their area of overlap with web, especially photoshop. All that to say, it is a bummer to download a vibrant, nice looking color scheme and to import it and convert it and suddenly it loses it's flair. I really wish, there was an option to download/preview the CMYK equivilant. Or have the colors be specific Pantone colors.
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              Yes, it will be extremely useful if you implement the "Proof Colors" feature which exists in all the Adobe applications. Maybe it will be hard to do it and will open another questions (such as - How can we make a custom proof setup and load our personal proof and device to simulate. Also we have to be able to load personal working spaces, to set features like "Conversion Options" in the "Color Settings" dialogue window of the Adobe applications and everything other that is needed from the "Color Settings" window.). Also, I'm wondering if the colors reduce from such rich palette like RGB to say CMYK, don't we loose the harmony relation between them ? And if so, could it be possible for you to implement an algorithm which is aware of these conversions and which can correct the reduced colors to be in harmony ?
              P.S. This puts me in mind, wouldn't it be easier for you to implement the kuler application in all the Adobe products but without losing the online nature of the application, like posting color schemes and searching through all the posted schemes from its users ? It will be great improvement of the Adobe software and a contemporary innovation.