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    "Renew your Subscription"

    KiwiFan Level 1

      We purchased a monthly subscription of Creative Cloud at the end of May that runs for a year, but after a while we get this window saying "Renew your Subscription" etc when we try to use any CC application.  The only way to get around this is uninstall every one of them and reinstall them, only to have the same problem a few weeks later.  Why are we getting asked to renew our subscription when there is still another 9 months to go? Our credit card is being charged every month.  In 'My Adobe', it informs that we have "9 months before renewal" and that our subscription is "active".

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi KiwiFan,


          The software does need to confirm the license status every month (requires internet connectivity), this typically happens silently in the background. If this status check process is requiring you to reinstall the software to resolve something is not normal. How many times has this occured? When was the last time? Did you contact our support the last time it occured?



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            pdx_photoman Level 1

            This is just bloody ridiculous. I too got this message, interrupting a project on which I was concentrating. The message was "Your Paid Creative Cloud membership will expire on 08/14/2012. To continue, update your billing info or add a prepaid card." Well guess what? Adobe has my bloody billing info, and the card to which it's being charged doesn't expire until 2015. This is just bloody ridiculous. Adobe needs to get its bloody act together and stop harassing its customers.


            (In reading this, substitute the word bloody with the adjective of your choice.)

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              KiwiFan Level 1

              Thanks for your reply Dave,


              We are always constantly connected to the internet, even overnight most of our computers are left on or on stand-by.  I can confirm that the first notice I get of our subscription supposedly needing to be "renewed" is when I try to open Photoshop for example and it comes up with the message saying "Renew your Subscription", with the only way of escaping this being uninstalling each individual application and reinstalling it, which does substantially use up and put us over our monthly broadband allowance, as we have Creative Cloud on 2 computers.  This has happened at least 3 times now since about May 30th, the last time being this week.  I did contact support, but for a start found it difficult trying to interpret what they said to audible English, especially when they kept thinking that my problem was the monthly license status check, when in fact it is that I am being asked to renew the subscription as if the 12 months is up.  Even if I try to select 'Renew your subscription', it then informs me that I can not renew it, whether it is because of internet connectivity or firewall protection, who knows?  After almost 1 hour on the phone, I just let them tell me an answer that wasn't the answer.  But I still can't use any applications and I am back to square one.  They have actually sent me a Customer Support Portal which is pending my response, but I thought I would first lodge a question on the Adobe Forum.  When the software does confirm the license status, are we aware at all that it has or is being checked?  Or is the first message we get supposed to be when we actually are required to renew our subscription after 12 months?

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                KiwiFan Level 1

                Dave, just wondering if you got anywhere with this?

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                  Karen_Cowell Level 1



                  This happened to me at the start of this month. I'm very confused. I have been on holiday for 2 weeks (returning on 9 Aug) to find all of my apps not working on my mac. Checked with my bank, no application has been made to take money out by Adobe and all seems well with 'My orders' on the Adobe.com CC site.


                  Please does anyone know what is going on?


                  Hope you get somewhere with this!



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                    KiwiFan Level 1



                    I am still having issues with this.  Is there no answer to this problem?  Are you not able to help?

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                      David__B Adobe Employee

                      Hi KiwiFan,


                      Sorry for the delay.


                      Based on your description it sounds like something is preventing/clearing out the changes made to your system when going through activation process and potentially blocking access to the activation server.


                      I would work through this document



                      - Does your user account have full local administrative rights?

                      - What anti-virus software do you use?

                      - What firewall software do you use?


                      You asked "When the software does confirm the license status, are we aware at all that it has or is being checked?". It will try automatically in the background the first 7 days (a the 30 day renewal time) if this fails there is no message. After this it should go into the grace period for 7 more days and at this point tells you that it needs to internet connectivity and to renew your subscription.



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                        Karen_Cowell Level 1



                        I don't know your location but try phoning Adobe. You'll get put through to a call centre somewhere in Asia but they can see everything with your account and one chap actually helped me. OR using Twitter, I made an angry tweet to @adobe_care who then dealt with my issue as well.


                        Hope you get a better service soon



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                          Cheated Adobe User Level 1

                          I have had the same issue.

                          I have wasted over two hours on chat with support/help people that are unhelpful.

                          what I know is Ive paid for a service and Adobe continue to take my money and deny my access to software I have purchased.


                          IS ANYBODY OUT THERE who can HELP?????

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                            arij2010 Level 4

                            Monthly subscriptions must check your payment status (wich is normal) ,some problems can occur if you use a different Adobe ID when you are asked to connect to verify you subscription or you have a proxy problem .

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                              Hudechrome Level 2

                              Seems to me that if the problem is as you stated, support would clear that up in seconds.

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                                EddieAutoMotoLLC Level 1

                                Sorry to necro-post, but I'm having this problem now on one computer (it was working fine 2 hours ago), and not on another computer. The problem with this is that one is an old x86 computer with Photoshop and Dreamweaver and the other one is a newer x64 computer that's running the video editing stuff.


                                Edit: I chose "License This Software" instead of Try Again, and when I relogged into the same account (I definitely didn't type it in wrong the first time because I haven't typed it in since the first time I did when I installed the software), it worked.

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                                  Jawon Whetstone Level 1

                                  you should work for adobe... it worked for me thanks now i dont have to wait 2 days for Adobe to take 2 hour to fig out

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                                    Aerotech Level 1

                                    I had the same problems, I think. Our company credit card's date had lapse on my Creative Cloud account. I logged on and updated the payment info but still got the message when I launched any Creative Cloud programs. I had to "Activated Subscription" when I launched Photoshop. I'm not sure if I was in Photoshop or the Adobe Subscription manager at that point. It was a windows with "Activate Subscription" in the bottom left corner. Anyway, that did the trick and now everything runs as it should.\


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                                      nclpearson Level 1

                                      thanks.  after a software update had this issue.  This was driving me crazy for an hour while trying to figure out how to contact them..  thx

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                                        David__B Adobe Employee

                                        Generally a Renew your Subscription issue will have two possible underlying causes.


                                        1) Your computer is not able to complete the required license check, this occurs at different times depending on the type of subscription you have, for yearlong subscribers it occurs every 99 days, for monthly subscribers every 30 days.


                                        A good test for determining whether something is preventing this license check from completing is to go to this webpage:


                                        Do you get - Congratulations! You have successfully connected to Adobe License Management Server.


                                        If not, it usually means something is blocking access.


                                        If something is blocking access, the troubleshooting steps in this document will often help; commonly a firewall or hosts file is the cause



                                        2) Something prevented the monthly billing from happening as expected.


                                        Generally, in this scenario you will receive emails letting you know that Adobe was unable to bill you due to some kind of issue with your credit card. The charge should occur the same date each month.
                                        You can check your payment history to see if the most recent payment has occurred as expected following the process described here:



                                        If the most recent payment hasn't cleared or you received email notifications regarding an issue with your credit card, double-check that your credit card info is valid and up to date.


                                        See the I want to change the credit card on my account section:

                                        http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/membership-subscription-troubleshooting- creative-cloud.html


                                        If your credit card info is valid and you weren't charged as expected, I'd recommend contacting Adobe customer service. There is a chat button at the bottom of the above document.

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                                          harveylanot Level 1



                                          I am having a similar problem, my Photoshop subscription is unable to bill me for this month Happned 2x now.
                                          Please help, it is only 4 days left.

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                                            BADRAT Level 1

                                            i had also been plagued by this aweful creative cloud subscription issue.  in desperation i signed out of the creative cloud menubar item (settings/preferences/account/signout). i then relaunched the app i needed, it asked me to sign in through the pesky subscription popup, i then WORKED! seems like a good temporary fix until adobe solves this..


                                            good luck!

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                                              Chad Baker Adobe Employee
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                                                BADRAT Level 1

                                                no, this is no use. ive deleted the apps, used your cleaner app, reinstalled.. and am still having this subscription issue. a colleauge of mine is also experiencing this and have gone through the same procedure with no results. this is becoming a waste of company time

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                                                  scottkwilson335 Level 1

                                                  All, I have figured it out! When the renewal screen comes up click the second link below. I think it says "login with a different account" or something. When that next screen comes up, leave the login as-is and enter your password. After I did this I launched PhotoShop and it opened.

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                                                    mwpro Level 1

                                                    Did you ever find a solution to your problem Badrat? I have been experiencing since last Thursday with really no help from support.

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                                                      Catwoman007 Level 1

                                                      Awesome that worked for me too -- so much time invested in this issue. Boo Adobe. Fix this bug!!