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    Text loses sentence structure.


      Why does my text lose its sentence structure when I save my file as an ai, PDF, or EPS and then bring that file back into Illustrator? I've set numerous bodies of text using the text box and also without the text box. It doesn't matter. I will bring that same document back into Illustrator and my full sentences will be chopped up. A full line of text, for instance, while keeping its format, will become fragmented once it's been dropped back into Illustrator. It's very frustrating. If I need to add a character to a fragmented sentence, it will shift the part of that sentence over that I'm adjusting, but other parts will not move so now I'm typing a letter over another letter.


      I can make a text box and copy all my text,  then paste it into that text box and all the sentences become connected again but I lose the formatting in the process. BUT, again, once that document is saved and brought back into AI, the sentences will again be fragmented.


      Please help!