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    Use photoshop elements 8 to crop photo


      why cant I use all the features on my photoshop

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          You'll have to tell us more than that if you want us to be able to give you any sensible help. What can't you use? Why not? What operating system and version? Did it ever work?

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            carrizap77 Level 1

            I purshased elements 8 many years ago, I never really used it. I am now trying to take an image and size and crop it to a one inch diameter image for certain craft projects. I found a video on youtube showing me how to do it. So as I started the process I first get my working space to a 4x6 area. Then I am suppose choose my image, copy and paste it into that area. When I go to do this the "paste" option under the edit option on the toolbar is not highlighted. I notice many others are not either, just trying to figure out why. Thank you for any help I am not familiar with any of this so it is greatly appreciated.

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              Barbara B. Level 7

              Well, I don't understand those directions at all, unless you're trying to something quite different than just cropping. If you just want to crop an image, you go to Image>Resize>Image Size, and first make sure the setting in pixels per inch is what you want (usually 300 ppi is considered optimum for printing, around 72 for onscreen display). If it's not what you want, turn OFF resample image in the bottom part of the window and change the number to what you want, click OK, then go to the crop tool and drag out a one inch square or enter the dimensions in the options bar before drag, move the crop frame where you want it, and click OK.


              To move something from one image to another, which sounds like what your directions are for, not cropping, you must first select it with the selection tool of your choice to tell PSE what you want to copy, then use the regular copy/paste commands for your operating system (ctrl+c/cmd+c, ctrl+v/cmd+v, etc.). To select an entire image, press ctrl+a/cmd+a.


              If you just want to copy part of an image rather than cropping it, use the marquee tool to select your one inch square, then copy/paste into the other document.

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                carrizap77 Level 1

                will try, thank you for your help.