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    Selective combining between files with odd and even numbers of pages

    ShinyDawn999 Level 1

      Hi all! First of all, i hope this is the right forum for my question. It has been asked before, but not fully answered. My problem is combining multiple pdfs with adding a blank page only to the ones that contain odd numbers of pages, the ones with even numbers should be left alone. I need a fast and automatic way of doing this so i can save huge amounts of time when faced with massive numbers of files. If this simply cannot be done, is there a way of sorting all the files so that, from the whole group, only the ones with odd numbers of pages go to a specified folder? Like this isnt enough i have the same problem when converting, lest say, multiple word files into 1 pdf file using pdf factory.


      Thanx in advance! also, any other way to go arround this problem is most welcome!