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      Flash Player will not install. Requests that I close a program "brccmctl" which I cannot find??

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Installing Flash Player forum.

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            pwillener Level 8

            What is your operating system & version?

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              Similar problem, get the big screen "You must update Flash or the world will come to an end" which opens Internet Explorer to do the download.  Up comes the message to close IE and the Brother Printer Control Program. Guess what, I'm not disabling my scanner & fax capabilities to update Flash.


              And while you fixing your bug-of-the-week, kindly remove Chrome as a default add-on; Chrome, unfortunately, breaks a number of web pages that are used by independent insurance agencies. Personally, I don't mind getting paid to  reset the default browser but there are a lot independent insurance agencies that don't have an IT staff and panic when they see all the chrome icons...


              Windows 7, SP1, 64 bit, IE 9.0.8112.16421, Flash is enabled to do anything it wants, including turning on cameras and microphones (WHY is that "RECOMMENDED"?)

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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                @Therende - I suspect your Brother control panel is utilizing Flash Player, which in effect "locks" the file and we're unable to delete it after installing the new version.  We don't need you to disable this software, but you do need to temporarily close it so that the installer can complete it's job.  Once the install is finished, you should be able to start your multifunction printer software again (or simply restart your system.)


                I understand your concern about Chrome and I'll make sure to pass this along to the team.


                As for your last statement, I'm not sure I understand.  If you are referring to the request of the installer to do auto updates, then this is not related to your cameras and microphones.  Flash will not access these devices without your express approval.  Please see this help page for details.


                http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager02.htm l

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                  Therende Level 1

                  Sort of an oops here, I meant to say that I enabled everything in the flash control panel applet, based on similar threads regarding this issue and I was "a little concerned" that flash has the capability of turning on microphones and cameras. I misread the line on the playback tab.


                  Seriously, having Flash update windows pop up when the PC is started or an admin logs in one of my biggest beefs about Flash. Please consider doing something along the lines of Windows Update or a Java update; people generally start up their PC's to do some task and not to do software updates. My second beef is the tag along software (like Chrome) that gets installed unless it is explicitly unselected. Remember people are trying to get work done and they frequently click the biggest box just to get on with their jobs. I understand that optional software pays a lot of bills but it also creates support nightmares and I have seen firms that have banned the original useful software because of the junk that gets installed along with it.

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                    Therende Level 1

                    A couple more comments:

                    the link you have provided needs to be updated, it is for Flash V3.24

                    I have looked into brccmctl.exe, a.k.a. ControlCenter3 and there is no indication from Brother that it uses Flash. I have installed a lot of Brother printers on a lot (too many?) of networked PC's and none of them have had issues with interaction between Flash and brccmctl.exe before. I looked at brccmctl.exe with "Dependency Walker" (www.dependencywalker.com) and couldn't find any .dll's that looked like they originated from adobe or macromedia. I suspect something else is going on here.


                    Viruses came to mind but nothing shows up with Malwarebytes, tdsskiller, microsoft security essentials or hijackthis