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      Hiya. I started to work on a documetary about a town in the midwest. First I have to read everything in the world about the history ( doing now ) and then find some way to have a "slant" on the story that gives it the "ending" I want. I am an optimistic soul, with nothing but goodwill for my neighbors etc..so I want the documentary to have an optimistic upbeat sort of feeling attached to it ( and the ending ).


      ITS BEER THIRTY !!!  YIPEE !!!!


      Since it is beer thirty and time to hang in the lounge and munch yoodles and peanuts  ( burp, scuse me ) and drink coors lite...I am as optimistic as ever !


      I wonder if Dave ever got moved out to CO Okay and is now chasing wolves in the wilderness ?


      Anyway, have you ever noticed that some towns have personalities like people almost ? Like what some call " reputations " ?  What does YOUR town have for a personality ?


      I think that some of the old wild west towns have tourist businesses now that cash in on the wild days... like, gunfight at the OK Corral re-enactments and stuff like that ?


      I haven't found anyone here in this town running around in gypsy costumes or clown suits and assume this is a pretty serious place. If I have my way I will turn it into a fun loving place despite the apparent lack of this in the adult population. The kids display this fun loving attitude in every way ( thank goodness ).


      Anyway, ( burp, scuse me ) ITS BEER THIRTY !  AGAIN ! ( or did it just run from one thirty into the next thirty ? ).... If you have any ideas based on YOUR OWN FUN TOWN that I can look into to make this documentary more FUN... let me know.... I'm all ears !



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          wouldnt it be cool if the 'trending questions' had some clue what forum that particular question ( or comment etc ) referred to ?  Like, some hint what forum you get directed to with regard to the trending question in question ?


          also.. I went to the help link at top of that suggestions for 'how to ask a question" and "searched" something like this...


          ' how do i import many fps clips ? "


          and I got no way to distill the response to a particular product ( software ) or forum...but got a mix of stuff from encore, premiere pro, etc...


          I think personally that parsing info to direct questions to specific products being used by questioner is important..and generally that has been done in the specific forums..sooooo, I also think "trending " questions should have some clue where they come from...and if doing a "search " in help file area .. a choice should be available to limit ( or not ) to a particular software product.. know what I mean ?


          tweeting is kinda like 'trending' questions I guess ??? where you check real fast on a smart phone whats up with the latest question asked maybe ??.. generally this isnt the reality in the forums. A person asks a question and may not even look "back" at answers until the next weekend when they do their " weekend warrior" editing project ( wedding etc ) ??  It's kinda hard to parse all this stuff...with many versions and products.


          My advice is, when you buy product you get support for that one product and some secret id and passwrd to do that...and call it quits...you as developer gave product to user, gave support... and you as client ( user ) bought product and get support.  Is simple.


          Then you dont have a mixture of many products and many users all jumbled up together.


          the problem with THAT for our providers of software, is the fact that " suites" are being offered...and its like buying not only a new house on the waterfront, but also a boat, a car, an airplane and a club membership to the local golf course...


          yikes !  support all that and you might as well buy an island in the pacific rim and retire with a couple of thai bank accounts...and declare BEER THIRTY !



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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            My "home town" is noteworthy for two major industries.  You might look in that direction.

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              Mitchell Lopez Level 1

              My hometown is known for its nice weather with the resulting scantily clad women with California bods/tans, beaches, micro-breweries, fish tacos, Playboy’s top party college, horse racing, (sadly, no Formula 1 races here), major theme parks, border smuggling/tunnels, and is one of the most expensive cities to live in.  We love to feign annoyance with Zonies and complain when the weather drops to a “freezing” 68 degrees.


              It also has less interesting things like the largest military presence on the Pacific Rim, leading bio-tech companies, major chip manufactures, and air-space industries.


              You could make an amusing video showing someone trying to get a parking at the beach in the summer, but all the parking spots are taken by cars with a cactus (Arizona) on the license plate, and showing the natty attire of these “Zonies”.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Hello Mitchell,


                I think that I have found the problem. As no one would think of just heading over to SD on their own, I knew that something had to be afoot. In the Travel section of the local "fish wrapper," there was a 5-page spread on "Going to SD." It went into great detail on all that one could do there, where to dine, where to stay, where to rent seasonal housing and even "day trips" in the area. I mean, who knew???? Those poor Zonies, whose brains have been baked into submission by the heat, see all that neat stuff, and so near too. It's no wonder that they fill the Interstate Highway with their Cadillacs, and head to cooler climes. They are but "sheep," responding to the SD Chamber of Tourism's ads.


                Now, if they park no better there, than they do here, it is no wonder that all the parking spots are occupied - each Cadillac seems to take up three spaces here!


                Sorry for the influx, but I think the problem stems from internal actions - maybe advertise in the San Francisco Chronicle?


                Stay cool, but not TOO cool.



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                  Mitchell Lopez Level 1



                  Could you PLEASE buy all the papers there, and perhaps recoup your loses by taking them back to recycling? Or just put money in the paper machine, and instead of taking one, take them ALL!


                  FYI: I was at SeaWorld today and did not see any Cactus plates in the parking lot.  Have I stepped into a different dimension?  Is Zonie season over?  Did they all get rentals?  Have they evolved and have gone stealth?  (Their clothes will give them away – sandals with socks, long pants in summer, farmer tans, the Gilligan hats, and pasty white legs.)

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    From that description, I think that what you have is a bad case of "Canadians," and they just used their AZ autos to drive over. We get those too, and just make do.


                    Good luck,



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                      Mitchell Lopez Level 1



                      When you say you “make do” with the “Canadians”, I guess you are a bigger man than me.  But maybe you do not realize the indiscretions we have to deal with.  When these “Canadians” come to SD (with their cars with the Cactus plates), they:


                      • Go to “Locals Only” beaches (which are ALL of them) and take up space.
                      • When they are on the freeways, they are oblivious that ALL lanes of traffic are going faster than they are.
                      • Their calf length socks are ridiculous.
                      • If they are wearing shorts, they are these massively wide polyester white or bright green shorts that are not even name brand. (Have they ever heard of cotton?)
                      • When they park, their rear bumper attachment for their electric convenience vehicles (ECVs) make it difficult to navigate the parking lots with two way traffic.  (The ECV’s base platform when it sticks out in the lane, makes it hard to move)

                      My doctor said to ignore them and think of the positives in my life. Bill, I have no idea how you deal with it.  I’m living in nirvana. Why is life so harsh and has to throw in these “wild cards”?  The only solace is that summer is almost over and we can go back to normal.  (“Locals Rule” dude!)


                      Rod – There is your movie.  I don’t mean for you to tell my story.  I mean to say for you to tell YOUR local interest story.  Use your imagination.  Tell something unique, from where you live.  Being behind the camera or sound is the easy part.


                      Coming up with a local interest point and telling a story is what takes artist ability (imagination).  Think outside of the box.

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                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        The movie might be a conversation amongst the 3 of you. I'm thinking dry humor. Increase the budget, and include "scenes" as you describe.


                        Jim, you're going to have to add more comedy material to be the 4th. Or maybe you can be the Director, since the other 3 will be "acting."

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Regarding the clothing, it's just something that we live with here. They do have a "style," but let's leave it as a "different style."


                          As one who spends most days in cargo shorts and "Island print" shirts, I am often amused. I am not sure where one would even go, to buy those clothes. In SD, they must stick out even more!


                          However, as our economy is still depressed, and as the economy in Canada is doing much better, we welcome those folk, and just avert our gaze.


                          Personally, I also refrain from venturing to Scottsdale (a suburb that seems to attract those folk), even though the Costco there has a better high-end wine selection, than mine in Paradise Valley. Those "extended" rear bumpers really create problems in that Costco's parking lot, so I do feel your pain.


                          Maybe Rod needs to head to SD (didn't we try to work with him on "SD vernacular - "beach speak," not that long ago?), and do a documentary on the influx of Zonies?



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                            Jim_Simon Level 9

                            maybe you can be the Director


                            I've always been more comfortable behind the camera, anyway.

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                              hehe... you guys crack me up...thanks for the laughs !




                              I'm speechless at the moment...


                              I feel like what pg wodehouse often describes one of his characters as looking like a gasping flounder with google eyes when up against some weird influx of friendly society in the way of the local pub ( or drones club ).



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                                Mitchell Lopez Level 1



                                I’m glad you got a laugh out of it.  However, I hope you did not miss the point.  If you are going to create and direct a video of your home town, you need to have an idea/plot/issues/theme, and pay attention to details.


                                When I mention Zonies, I hope you got a taste and a visual of what Bill and I were talking about.  The details are very important.  The next step would be to create it for a camera.  (Using your own story/plot of your town)  If I were to create a video of my town, I would need Cadillac’s, wardrobe (gawd knows where I would get Zonie outfits), people with no tans, and location, location, location.


                                “The devil is in the details” – They make the story. Overwhelm them with details.  There should be so many details, they may not catch them with one viewing.  And that is what you want.

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                                  Mitch, Good points and thank you. One reason your points are well recieved by me is because I haven't decided yet how to portray the town in its present "state"....and I can see that the suggestions made might lead to a particular "slant" or perspective. Maybe the humour of the zonies at the beaches, the waving of arms and yelling re: "parking lot fiascos " etc.


                                  Keep those good ideas flowing as something going on in your own town(s) might also be going on in mine ??  Or something similar.


                                  I like the idea of keeping it a bit on the light side, and optimistic side...rather than get into things re: a crummy economy and "heavy" issues ...but haven't got a clue right now where I'm headed.. mostly I'm reading and learning the history of the 1800's now.



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                                    KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    Did you say somewhere you are in Mound, Minnesota? How about including something about Tonka Toys? Little choo choo trains, big trucks, cute dolls.

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                                      Jerry, hehe...funny you should mention that...cause one idea I had was to sorta "begin" the documentary with choo choo trains etc from tonka toys...this way ===

                                      shoot some xmas morning scene with young family ( mom, dad, a few kids ) in family room with xmas tree all decorated with presents under it...and the kids rip into their presents and find, guess what ?? YES ! TONKA TOYS !....Now picture in your head that end frame ( some sorta tonka toy shot with excited and very happy child ) and freeze it...


                                      Now...I can get landscape ( coffee table books ) books made pretty cheap in Japan etc...with perfect binding and chrome stock...pretty good quality, and pretty cheap to do ( picture books with some text in them ).


                                      So that last frame ( frozen ) zooms out and we see the " book " and its cover is that shot...that frame....and now we see the book OPEN and the credits begin etc....and documentary begins with that....( and intermittently throughout documentary we go back to that little "trick" of the book pages turning to introduce new "eras" or changes to the town etc ).


                                      I like your idea and am seriously considering doing that to begin the documentary ....but it is premature now...cause I dont know the ENDING yet... and I want to have some continuity ...so it's an idea, but not written in stone you know ??  But thanks for the suggestion...

                                      I like the idea of the toys and the joy and fun they represent.




                                      edit: the book opening would be to text ( credits )...ie. title, etc...as well as start to tell the 'story'.

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                                        KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                        That sounds like a good start.


                                        Oh, by the way, I see that Adam Sandler is doing a movie with Tonka Toys. No pressure.


                                        My own plot idea is to open with a shot of a spaceship, shaped like a Tonka truck, approaching Earth 60 years ago. These are aliens come to pay homage to the burial mounds of their ancestors who landed thousands of years before. Isn't Mound, MN named after the ancient burial mounds?


                                        Then, when the aliens see how neglected the burial sites are they vow to get even with the current inhabitants, so they start this company to capture the minds and hearts of children.


                                        I'm stilll working on the ending.

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                                          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          I think I'll have to add Jerry to my version. Rod, Mitchell, and Bill doing their things, then enter Jerry, who's been hiding behind the fake plant - yeh, I think we should use the Lounge as the base setting - eating yoodles or some such,,, "Wait," he says (we'll work on the dialogue), I've got an idea, isn't Mound MN the site of old burial grounds" - and we cut to the space entry....

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                                            Level 4



                                            I know...it starts like "After the Fox"



                                            where this criminal ( a master of disguise ) escapes prison and wants to return to the place where he buried the money from his crime..and pretends to be a director....and walks into the adobe lounge, where everyone is talking about their ideas etc and then Jerry jumps out from behind plant and gives idea about space aliens and alien mounds, and cut to tonka toy spaceship and THAT becomes the frozen image on the " Book" that we now tell the story through....( instead of the xmas tree scene )...



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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              Gosh, that is an oldie, that I had completely forgotten about, and I am a closet Peter Sellars fan. You are really, really "looking back" with that one.


                                              Maybe Jim Simon can play Victor Mature's role?



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                                                Level 4

                                                hehe...yeah, that movie is priceless...


                                                I was such a peter seller fan also..and this oddly enough is also related to being a "disney" fan....


                                                Both got trashed to some extent when I found out in real life who they 'were' , one as a person, the other as a company.

                                                What a bummer !  But I think I've managed to get beyond the disappointment of peter sellers as a person and disney as a company.


                                                Those 2 are the biggest examples of getting bummed out in my life about how stuff is in real life compared to what I "thought" must be reality.  And considering all the strife and turmoil in the world, if that's my biggest problem I got it made.


                                                My favorite 'characters' in 'after the fox' are of course the 2 crew guys ( electrician, grip ) who do hysterical stuff in the background....


                                                and victor mature's smile of course ( when one of his perfect teeth always flashes like a diamond )... hehe...funny stuff.

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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                  Now, the biggest let down in my young life was when I found out that "wrasling" [SIC] was fake...



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                                                    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                                                    I don't know Hunt.  Remember Thunderlips in Rocky?  He didn't take too kindly being told wrestling was fake.

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                                                      Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                                                      "I was such a Peter Seller fan."
                                                      We all know this one.  I'm just posting it for anyone born in the 80's or 90's:

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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                        Yes, Sellers was a unique actor. I spent some time with other Seller's material in that area of YouTube. I had forgotten much of it, and other pieces sort of blended in my mind and memory. Thanks.


                                                        I have been horribly disappointed at some of the attempts by other actors, such as Steve Martin, trying to replicate Sellers. None has come close, and I cannot recall a single one brings even a chuckle, at least from me. I actually felt embarrassment for them.



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                                                          Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3



                                                          "I don't know Hunt.  Remember Thunderlips in Rocky?  He didn't take too kindly being told wrestling was fake."


                                                          I was kidding!  I should make use of 's

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                                                            hehe... sellers was just so retarded , but inventive and creative, and so willing to make fun of his own character, you couldnt help but laugh with him ...not just ' at ' him....I think thats where steve martin and others failed compared to sellers. Martin does silly stuff and its funny one time around...but then you see it again later and you see it is kind of 'shallow' to the extent he just doesnt come off as someone who 'wants' to be serious but fails. You see his act as more " an act " and dont believe he is trying to be serious.


                                                            Sellers always had the knack of looking 'surprised' and nonplussed ( if thats the word ? ) while losing his pants, or getting stuck in the revolving door with his suitcases, and all the idiotic things he did.


                                                            Alec Guinness had the same knack as a funny weird character ( like as mr. jimson sp? ) in that movie about him as an artist who paints feet.  what a hoot.  And the man in the white suit....


                                                            they both had that believable air of trying to be real and serious, while at the same time being total dodos.


                                                            What I DO like about the efforts of Martin and others to be as funny ...is that they keep it 'family' oriented and simply harmless fun... and dont have to become rude and vulgar to be funny.  Gilder Radner comes to mind. And her husband...the early sat nite live crowd ( when they werent off the leash ).



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                                                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                              I think that you nailed the difference between Sellers and an actor, like Martin. I do not believe Martin's characters in most films. It's like seeing a bunch of SNL skits, edited together. Much of the "humor" in Sellers' films also probably stemmed from Blake Edwards just turning him loose, and not trying to hit the auidence over the head, multiple times, with the same gig, or fall. Edwards understood humor, and understood (and trusted) Sellers, and let him loose. Though I did not see all of his work, and what I saw was many decades ago, I do not recall Sellers using the same fall more than once, over his portfolio, or if he did, it was altered to the point, that I did not pick up on the repetition. Martin does the same thing over, and over and over, and he, or his director, assumes that the audience is just not smart enough to get it, the first 5 times. Now, I have enjoyed Martin, but only in small, quick doses. Even in real, social life, he was the same way. Sort of like Chevy Chase - a small bag of tricks, used ad infinitum. If you have seen all five of his pratfalls, you have seen his entire portfolio. Nothing will be new, and nothing will change, other than the name of the character, with but few exceptions.


                                                              I've spent some time with both Martin and Chase, and do not recommend doing so. Now, Billy Crystal, or Robin Williams, well that is another story. Wish that I could have had dinner with Jonathan Winters, or Ernie Kovaks. That would have been kicks - or some bubbles burst in the process.


                                                              One thing that I did enjoy, was when a "dramatic" actor/actress, like Spencer Tracy, got to do comedy, and how well they adapted to the character.


                                                              I also like work from directors, who do not assume that I will not "get the joke," and see no need to repeat, repeat, repeat. Rowan Atkinson, when turned loose (working in the UK) has been enjoyable. When placed into a US production, with directors, accustomed to such fare, he is horrible -inane and unwatchable, at least for me.



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                                                                Level 4

                                                                you remember those rodney dangerfield tv commercials, doing some beer I think ? maybe some lite beer ?? they were 30 sec vignettes, with him in some ridiculous situtations ( crossing desert with spanish explorers, locked in jail in Mexican border town, etc ?? )

                                                                He cracked everyone up, constantly. And was a pretty nice guy just hanging out between shots etc. didnt ever once do his lines or his script..and the director had to let him run.. no choice but director didnt mind. hardest part for me was not laughing during takes.



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                                                                  Level 4

                                                                  From that thread in cs4 and earlier...

                                                                  maybe I called you a warthog and got censored ??  hehe... I doubt it..probably said something to poster about no response.


                                                                  That was the beer and cognac night, and I have no recollection of what I wrote.


                                                                  Been reading " Fish Preferred" , pg wodehouse. Last night read this one part that cracked me up so much I almost choked and had to sit up in bed to catch my breath.


                                                                  If it wasnt a library book I'd cut out the page, scan it, and post it...


                                                                  Basically he is describing Ronnie Fish finding his girlfriend at some fancy dance hall at a table with this weasel guy and this after the girl promised Ronnie she wouldn't go out to dance ( which she loves to do ) and that sort of situation... So Ronnie sees red and moves across the floor to the table ( some waiters express the fact that black tie is encouraged on the floor and the balcony is a good place for his flannel suit ...which he ignores, but he is sorta dragging them along, picking up 2 waiters in the process )... He makes it to the table and the weasel sees him, jumps up and runs around the other side of table, next to the girl. A waiter tugs at his elbow and says, " Sir, Black tie is encouraged..." and Ronnie pokes the waiter in stomach with elbow. Tray with glasses goes flying, waiter goes down... Suddenly there are 3 more waiters around Ronnie. Ronnie is still growling at the weasel guy, but finds he is surrounded by waiters who are now tugging at him some more...and he gets the feeling that he is being distracted from his purpose of tearing the weasel apart. Ronnie jabs another waiter with an elbow and that one goes flying. Now Wodehouse does this little tricky writing stuff...

                                                                  He says ( paraphrased ) that when Ronnie was young he wanted to be a driver. Later he wanted to be a fireman. Still later he wished to be a ship's Captain. But now all he wanted was to massacre waiters.  As waiter A and waiter B get up from the floor, and the waiters C,D,E,F,G,H surround Ronnie it is mentioned that Ronnie gets that feeling the Vikings sometimes got, which was " beserk ", and could also be defined as "running amok ".  So the music stops as the fight breaks out, and Ronnie jumps up on a chair so he can better whack someone on the biezer, and so on... and at this point I was choking from laughing so hard ....


                                                                  So anyway, I don't know what I said that got censored, but I probably didn't use the fun word, " warthog "



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                                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                                    I must have missed those, as nothing triggers the rusty, cobweb covered memory door in my mind.


                                                                    Probably 5 years before his death, Dangerfield brought 3 young comics to our local comedy club. They were interspersed with a lot of our better local talent, and really showed how good stand-up could be. Do not recall any names, but one was just stellar, and should have a great career in comedy. Dangerfield did one set, but nothing worked. His timing was way off, and his material stale. He got sympathy applause, but that was all. It was very sad, but he was definitely burned out, or perhaps in a drug-induced stupor? After Caddyshack, I saw few parts, where he did good work. Writing, directing or acting as a cause? Do not know, but something was wrong.



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                                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                      Hm-m, calling me a "warthog," should not have triggered the moderation. Usually when you do that, the MOD's all join in to support you, so long as your slings and arrows are aimed at me...


                                                                      Yeah, must have been the Cognac with Coors Lite chasers. That'll do it every time. My consensus on Cognac is that it is bad wine, that is turned into worse liquor - think "Bad Shot Night."



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                                                                        Level 4

                                                                        Dangerfield probably at that point did absolutely NOTHING to prepare himself for a routine on stage...just went on and whatever came to his mind that would be it...just cause of his age I think...all the years working etc. He started in the Borscht belt I think ( catskill hotels etc) a pretty long time ago and then his own club in nyc kept him busy a lot in later years. Probably focused more on that and new talent then his own preperation and new material etc.  I liked him so I forgive him bad acts. He had enough going for him for me to get into forgiving him. Plus, if I'd been in the audience I woulda yelled out something like, "Hey Rodney, How fat is your wife ? " or something like that...get him started on that old stuff....


                                                                        "my wife is so fat, when we walk down the street the cops come by and say, " break it up ! "

                                                                        "She's so fat, I took her to the top of the empire state building and some planes came by and started shooting at her ! "



                                                                        He's had people yell things at him his whole life and woulda probably loved it.  So think in those terms next time ....dont by shy ....and help them out a little bit even at risk of getting shot down.


                                                                        You could probably even say he looks like a warthog and get some laughs from him after THAT !


                                                                        ie: " Yeah, I was so ugly as a kid my parents had to tie a raw steak around my neck to get the dog to play with me ! "



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                                                                          Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                                                                          Don't forget when Dangerfield's psychiatrist told him he was crazy.  Rodney said he'd like to get a second opinion, and the doc said, OK, you're ugly too.

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                                                                            Level 4

                                                                            hehe, chuck...good one



                                                                            • 35. Re: documentary
                                                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                              I am not big on calling out from the audience. I have done that twice, and yes, adult beverages were involved. One was not big deal, but I regret the other instance - cannot reverse the hands of time. At least it was not produced into a YouTube video, 'cause those dudes never go away...


                                                                              The best thing about his appearance was the three guys that he was campaigning for. They were great. When it was all said and done, I wish that he'd just have waved from the back of the rooom. Everyone would have been happier. I guess that the draw of the lights and the mic were just too much for him to resist, but I wish that he had.


                                                                              Oh well,



                                                                              • 36. Re: documentary
                                                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                                OK, you're ugly too.

                                                                                Could have been worse (maybe?), as the Dr. could have said, "OK, and your mother dresses you funny."



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                                                                                  Level 4

                                                                                  Sooo, moving along with documentary...had interview with usgs guy today which was great re: glacial formation of lake minnetonka etc..

                                                                                  Got brainstorm on way home from that ( driving on highways around twin cities back to Mound ) to maybe look into HD for the project...instead of SD ( available through local cable commission ). So I called my friends in ny about the red camera they bought when they first came out ( red one with mysterium chip ? ...iso about 320 median ...newer chips up to 800 )...and made an offer to buy the camera.

                                                                                  Was bought for about $35,000 ( new ones with mysterium X chip going for $25,000 )...I assume that's the body and a basic package ( 17-50 zoom lens, ext tubes, battery, charger, etc...is sorta hazy to me at the moment what buying the basic camera includes etc ). But there is no hard drive, its a 32Gb card for basic stuff.


                                                                                  Anyway, I offered $ 4,000 and that might be a done deal if I had $4,000 and could check out the camera before doing that. I'm not in nyc anymore so I can't go check it out without flying there and back to MN. Which I wouldn't do unless my life depended on it. I hate flying now.


                                                                                  If anyone like wants to buy this thing and let me use it for my documentary say hello to me.


                                                                                  please keep in mind..no follow focus, no zoom motor, no fluid head, no matte box... bare bones.  Plus, the red people ( transfer of ownership ) is pretty exacting and that process has to be done too...so you don't end up with a lemon.


                                                                                  sheesh..and then you have to actually "shoot" stuff with this thing , which isn't as easy as it sounds...especially when it's beer thirty !  Yipee !




                                                                                  ps...edited:  better go pm with replies about serious stuff

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                                                                                    Mitchell Lopez Level 1

                                                                                    Hello Rod. 


                                                                                    My “financial Advisor” said he is willing to grant you all your wishes. (With conditions)  He said he will buy you the Red, give you two years of extreme success, but after that two yours, you will need to give him your soul, which will be due to the day.


                                                                                    Shhh – I do not advise this.  When he calls me to visit, the heat is a thousand times worse than Arizona.  And the smell of sulfur lingers in your nostrils for days.  And when he does talk to me, I can’t stand how “he” always pokes me with his pitchfork.


                                                                                    Can’t you just rent?  Many do this and do great results with less than a Red.  Beside, I read “his” contract and it only includes the basic Red without lenses & etc.  (Making the Red less than usable.) 


                                                                                    I hope “he” does not see my post advising against him as he will probably send me to the Pit of Despair again.  I can’t stand all the snakes there, and the rotting flesh.


                                                                                    Rent, rent, rent.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: documentary
                                                                                      Level 4

                                                                                      Mitchell, good idea. I spoke to red people after I did that post, and the upgrade (to newer chip) is about 5k, transfer is about 750, lens would be a different thing ( service etc )...so the 4k is already up to probably around 6k without the newer chip...with new chip...11k.  plus I would need to upgrade my computer etc to 64 bit.

                                                                                      boo hoo...

                                                                                      rent is the answer.


                                                                                      or else go with SD with local cable commission place for free basically ( after being certified with course completions). Must go back to my research and reading etc and just forget the tech stuff for a while as its too depressing to deal with the tech stuff while being prodded with pitch fork to make decisions.



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