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    Computer authorization problem


      I have installed the latest 1.8 beta version on my freshly reinstalled Windows 7 x64 SP1 (+ all Microsoft updates) notebook.


      I install all applications in the usual locations, i.e. privilege elevation is required for installation, and always run them as an unprivileged "Standard User".


      I authorized my computer with my Adobe ID while running the program from my elevated administrative account without any problem. The authorization status menu item displayed correct status information.


      However, once I returned to my ordinary user account, the ADE menu item "Authorization status" did not show any sign of the Adobe ID authorization, instead I was warned that only content on this particular computer would be authorized and that I must go through the Adobe ID authorization procedure.


      I did that, but the Computer Authorization dialog displayed an error message: "Activation Server error code : E_AUTH_NOT_READY Digital Editions encountered an error on the activation server To retry click the Try again button"


      Well, the "Try again" button just restarts the authorization dialog flow, which ends with the same error every time.


      So, is this problem at Adobe's authorization server, or is the program simply not capable of running in anything less than an administrative account on Windows 7, due to Adobe's program design?


      UPDATE: I removed the Preview Edition and installed the release version. Adobe ID Authorization was still valid from the preview edition's installation in both the privileged and standard Windows account--so I'm sticking with the release version.


      Reverted to the release ADE version (mjdel).