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    Creating a AcroAVDoc give me an error message


      I am trying to read the the content from a pdf file programmatically with C#, by adding reference to Acrobat.dll in the project and use APIs 


      This is the code which give me an error message "There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found."


      public String getText()


                  AcroAVDoc pdfDoc = new AcroAVDoc();

                  if (pdfDoc.Open(FileName, ""))


                       AcroPDPage page;

                       AcroPDDoc pdf = (AcroPDDoc)pdfDoc.GetPDDoc();

                       int pages = pdf.GetNumPages();




      My project file was successfully build. Through debugging, I found the error message was shown just running the above line of code in red.

      I also tested that opening PDF file in windows file browser, it works fine.


      Does anybody have the same problem before?