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    Single DPS on iPad only. But why?


      Does Adobe have any plan in near future to allow Single DPS to be able to publish to other tablet platforms that iPad (at least Android)?


      The market place is being invaded by other tablets as well and iPad will face a stiff competition real soon. As I will be publishing with DPS single only twice a year (top), where is the added value from my clients' perspective if their documents can be only viewed through iPad but not through other tablets?


      With the amount of digital publishing per year that I'm about to do, there is no logic for me (and for my clients, as their document is free) to move unto Professional DPS.


      The way I see this, allowing the Single DPS to be published only through iPad feels like you're ignoring the reality of the tablets market out there. Even if iPad holds the majority of the market share (for now), and only in North America at that.


      Thanks in advance for answering.