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    framework Information

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      Anyone dev using:
      Mach II

      Anyone know a practicle example on what you would use each of them for? No
      one is willing to say which is better than the other because they are all
      different, but no one will go out on a limb and give an example of which is
      best for what type of web site.

      I normally develop using CFCs and want to start to move into a Framework.

      Any suggestions, information, ideas, examples, jokes?

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          Charlie Griefer Level 1
          reactor and coldspring are not application frameworks. reactor is an ORM and Coldspring is an IOC framework that helps manage CFCs specifically. See their individual sites for further details.

          So that leaves FB, Mach II and MG.

          FB is supposed to be the easiest to learn if you're not an OO person, because it doesn't (necessarily) rely on OO techniques. However, even though you can write "traditional" FB, you can also write FB in MVC and OO (see sean corfield's blog and download his frameworks presentation for a high level overview of using FB "traditionally" vs MVC vs OO).

          Mach-II, from what I understand (i've not used it), has a steeper learning curve unless you're familiar and comfortable with OO concepts.

          Model-Glue (again, from what I understand) is also a little more difficult than FB (again, depending on your comfort level with OO), but it's supposed to be easier than Mach-II. The latest version of Model Glue does allow you to integrate Reactor and Coldspring fairly easily.

          of the 3, FB is the only one I've used. It's fairly easy to learn (even if you don't have an OO background), and would probably be my recommendation if only to get you familiar with using a framework without having to worry about the underlying OO concepts.

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