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    Premiere CS6 suddenly not supporting .VOB files


      Hey guys...


      Been working on a reel on Premiere Pro CS6, wherin most of the footage comes straight from ripped DVD footage. Was working FINE for weeks, could drag and drop the VOB files and preview/edit them in premiere NO problem...


      However, one day I noticed that the vast majority of my footage had gone offline. I tried to link the media back up, but to my suprise, whenever I try to link media or drag and drop new VOB files into the Project Panel, I get this message:


      Error Message

           File format not supported.


      Premiere suddenly no longer accepts, previews or lets me cut VOB files. I have no idea what went wrong...I vaguely recall accidentally disconnecting my harddrive while the project was open one time, and that seemed to be around the time the problem started. But I'm not sure, and even further still I'm not sure that an event like this would cause such a drastic change in the program. It's like the codec got erased or something.


      I've tried uninstalling Premiere completely and re-installing again, probably 4 times now but to no avail. Today I caved in and wiped CS6 Master Collection COMPLETELY from my computer, even going so far as to erase any remaining folders w/ the word 'Adobe' on it, and re-installed everything fresh. Unfortunately, same result. When I open the project, all of the VOB files on the timeline are still dead and it still wont let me drag new VOB media into the Project Panel. I have no idea what is causing this.


      The closest thing I found to someone else having this problem is here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4648006

      It seems his problem suddenly--an inexplicably fixed itself. Discouraging...


      I read somewhere else of someone's VOB files not working, and someone recommended using Encore to rip the DVD's and it should work. I used MacTheRipper, but those files were working GREAT in the beginning, so I don't see why now suddenly they would shut off like that. Im not against trying encore, but I've already returned some of the DVD's to the guy who shot the footage, and it will be a pain to get them all back and re-burn them in encore.


      Can anyone think of a solution for this? I would worship you for eternity, even build a statue in  my closet and feed it every night.