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    Could not use the Brush tool because there is not enough RAM? Photoshop CS6?

    aVeridianWolf1 Level 1

      That and I couldn't even save a project I was working because (There was not enough RAM)


      My computer is running Windows 7 with 4 (3 usable) GB Ram, Pentium Dual Core; @ 2.00 Ghz


      -I have allocated all possible RAM to CS6

      -I set 6 scratch disks (the first two are 1TB external HDD)

      -I fixed the file peeling so that there is quite a bit of it

      - I have Photoshop CS5 still installed (it works fine) as well as Elements 9, I don't know if that could be a problem or not.


      I like the new features of CS6 especially the new 5000 px brush, but half the time I can't even use it because of this problem! What can I do to fix it?


      I mostly use it for digital art so the pictures get to be at most 5000-3300 pixels. I get the problem mostly when I use brushes at 5000 px. CS5 works just fine and it uses the scratch disks I emplace, it seems as though CS6 doesn't even use them.