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        John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

        Exactly what kind of problem are you facing with your website?

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          CaramelMacchiato Level 1



          My fear is that you probably have no understanding how HTML and CSS as in "thoroughly inside-out."


          In terms of getting both of your hands dirty under the hood of HTML and CSS, once you have deep understanding, a neccessary host of skill working with HTML and CSS, when to deal with certain behavior or hiccup associated with careless coding in HTML/CSS, then that is where the problem comes in.


          Speaking of which, that said, essentially once you have understanding on how HTML and CSS work inside-out, then you certainly will have no trouble working with Dreamweaver.


          I believe that Nancy 0., in other forum topic the other day gave you an excellent advice - just drop the project and get to know HTML and CSS. There are many nice articles and resources available at Adobe Developer connection, in Dreamweaver articles, HTML/CSS articles and that Nancy gave you some good web references.


          Please, please and please do yourself a favor - drop everything with your project. You are actually making things more difficult for yourself, and perhaps frustrated not able to get your website project up and running. It would serve you well ONCE you have a deep understanding on how HTML and CSS works, then you will understand how Dreamweaver works. It is just that you probably don't understand the essential function and what it does for you. It is actually on HOW you put things, Dreamweaver does that for you unknowingly. If you don't know what you are doing, so is Dreamweaver. Even more so, what makes things worst when you don't know much about HTML and CSS, then it is much harder for you to understand how Dreamweaver works.


          Have a good read, study and go through Adobe TV on Dreamweaver. Perhaps buy yourself a book. David Powers' books with his excellent guide on Dreamweaver. However, please realize that and understand that it is imperative and important thing for you to have deep understanding with HTML and CSS, then you'd dive in and realize the water is fine and jump in and code away.


          You might think my advice sounds a bit rude or something. But you might wonder why there isn't much of responses to many of your different forum topics - it is basically all the same.


          I am sorry that I have to break this news to you. Please do take Nancy's advice.


          Have a great weekend!


          P.S. By the way, with tags you put in your post above, such as Flash, and many other tags, all of them has nothing to do with what you are having the problems. I am afraid that you went overboard and get yourself confused. Do yourself a simple favour, ignore all of these tags for now. Focus ON learning HTML and CSS inside-out, then get your hands dirty under the hood of HTML/CSS along with Dreamweaver.

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