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    Problem with overwritten file



      I lookef through forum but couldn't find any answers to my problem.


      I have accidentaly overwritten in InDesign file, two days work. After that the InDesign was closed, so "undo" is not possible.


      But overwritten file - instead of being only few MB, according to it's content - is about 54 MB - similar to previous size. When I view the file in Total Commander - I can see text that was in overwritten file, some descriptions of photos etc. Is there some possibility to revert to some older version?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Only from a backup copy you made previously. Once you overwrite and save a file, that's the file data. If you haven't closed the file in ID, you can undo, as you apparently know, through an ordinary save (but not a save as), but once closed the undo info is no longer accessible.