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    New Topic File Name Lower Cased When Checked In

      My company has just switched from a very old version of RoboHelp (9.1 from 2000) to version 7. Version control was always done with Visual Source Safe and done outside of RoboHelp.

      We are starting to use the integrated RoboHelp version control. When we create a new topic and check it in with Robohelp's version control, the HTML file name is always lower cased by the application. MyFirstTopic.htm is changed to myfirsttopic.htm

      This is a problem for us for... various reasons. We have a large help system that involves over 40 different help projects/merged help. Up until this point we have used the upper and lower case in the file names. And we are producing help for Windows applications (ie CHM).

      I have a work around, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing an option. Is there an option with the integrated version control that I can use... so that the HTML file names aren't changed when they are checked into Visual Source Safe?