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    Resizing layers from a pdf in ai

    mentlity Level 1

      I have a pdf which is approx 25 pages, the original dimensions are 2500 x 2500. The pages are made up of text over artwork and I need to be able to resize the entire artwork and text to 384 x 512. Or the aspect ratio matching the same like 2048 x 1536. So far I converted the pdf to separate pdfs and opened each in Illustrator CS6 and need to first make the artwork smaller and then the text. Is there a set way to do this as I already tried creating a new doc in ai set for the new dimensions and copying and pasting the artwork. This is not that hard as the artwork I can manipulate but the problem is the text where some of it has strokes and other paths that make up each letter. I tried to ungroup but having a hard time. Would be great if I could just lift the text and just scale down.


      Any help?