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    Encore internal software error:\vobulator\titleplanner\cvobuplanner.cpp, line 322


      I am using Encore, Version 4.0.1048.


      I am receiving the error "internal software error:\vobulator\titleplanner\cvobuplanner.cpp, line 322"


      I have imported using the Dynamic Link a 2 minute sequence from Premier Pro CS4.

      I have transcoded the timeline.


      There is only 1 chapter in the timeline, and that is the very first default chapter.


      There are no other assets in the Encore project (initially there were,but i decided, after reading all the other posts to trouble shoot and start from scratch)


      When I try to build the project using only this timeline from an imported premiere pro sequence, I receive the 'internal software error:\vobulator\titleplanner\cvobuplanner.cpp, line 322" error code.


      There are no chapter markers in the sequence.


      All transitions between items in the Premier pro sequence are 1.06 seconds long (the standard)


      Any suggestions on what is causing this error, and how do i get around it? I have never encountered this error before. Does this indicate some problem with the sequence from Premiere Pro?


      I appreciate your help.


      System Information

      Windows Vista for Business

      HP xw4600 Workstation

      Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 @3.00GHZ

      8.00 GB Ram

      64-bit OperatingSystem