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    H.264 gamma shift/washed out colours on export

    sandeepthefifth1 Community Member

      I know this has been discussed before but I've been researching this topic for the past two hours and still can't find a solution.


      I have .mov source files from a Canon 7D. Exporting them from PP CS5.5 (Mac OS X - Lion, 10.7.4) in h.264 or by 'matching sequence settings' results in a gamma shift/desaturated colours. Playing the resulting h.264 file in QuickTime Player, VLC, Elmedia all result in the same colour shift so this is not an issue with QT simply interpreting the gamma incorrectly.


      Uploading to Vimeo and Youtube results in the same gamma shift. The monitor I'm using is not calibrated but when puling up a VLC window of the exported file next to the Program Monitor (on the same monitor) shows that there is a definite difference. Below is a screenshot.


      Is there any way to produce an exported file for Vimeo use that reproduces the gamma as I see it in the Program Monitor?

      Any help would be massively appreciated.


      Thanks.Gamma shift.png