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    Digital Editions Is Not Deleting Files Properly


      I use Digital Editions to load borrowed library Ebooks onto my Nook reader as well as "returning" those books and then deleting them from my Nook. However, when I delete Ebooks, Digital Editions still leaves EPUB and ANNOT files associated with the books in the My Documents/My Digital Editions folder on my PC. I contacted Adobe technical support online chat to ask if those files should be automatically deleted from the PC by Digital Editions when books were deleted from the Nook and was told that the files on the PC would "get deleted in a few days." I told the support rep that I had files on the PC from deleted books that were a couple of months old. I asked the tech rep is perhaps I was doing something wrong in my sequence of: "returning" the book, then deleting the book in the library list in Digital Editions and then pointing to the Nook in Digital Editions and deleting the book there as well.  The tech rep then gave me a link to this forum to solve Digital Editions problems.  Not much help from him!  Now I am faced with an Adobe tech rep telling me that the EPUB and ANNOT files should be automatically deleted from the PC, but the files not being deleted.  He offered no explanation of what I might be doing wrong, but sent me here to find a solution.  Does anyone have any suggestion why my Digital Editions is not automatically deleting files as Adobe rep said it should?


      Also, are there any Adobe tech folks monitoring this forum who might help clarify the issue?