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    Help me figure out why my Indesign CS5 keeps crashing


      Here's the scoop:


      1. I created a long document (book) in CS5. I'm a novice so it was a miracle. lol.
      2. I needed help with the Index, so sent it to a gal with CS4 to create the Index
      3. She sent it back. I put it into my Indesign fine...but I then started noticing crashing if I was correcting anything, such as deleting several lines, inserting page break, doing the 4th bullet, doing the 4th of a correction, trying to move a section, changing the font size of a heading, etc. Constant crashes.
      4. My Crash Report: http://pastebin.com/TT9Kr45e
      5. I even tried making a copy to start deleting half, then delete half of that...etc...to find the problem. It only caused another crash. This was when the original doc was now next to the Copy. i.e. Indesign couldn't handle both at all.


      I'm stymied! HELP.