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    No shortcuts or drag&drop, even after prefs reset


      I'm seeking help with the following issue.


      I'm running CS5 Standard (English version) on Windows 7 (Dutch version) on an account with admin rights. A few days ago all keyboard shortcuts in Indesign suddenly stopped working.


      Upon this discovery I reset my preferences by deleting them and restarting Indesign. Still no shortcuts.


      Next attempt: run Indesign as administrator. Ah, my shortcuts reappeared, but now I cannot drag and drop external files into my Indesign documents anymore. I get the circle with slash symbol when I hover above my document.


      One thing I noticed: in the past (and currently still in the other apps in CS5) the preferences were stored in a folder named en_GB. When I run Indesign as admin, this folder gets regenerated after deleting preferences. But when I run Indesign normally, it generates a folder named en_US. So I guess Indesign suddenly thinks it's American instead of British.


      What's going on here, and what can I do about this? I'm at a loss...