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    CS6 Font packaging error.

    SmartGraphicArt Level 1

      ID CS6 "Cannot copy necessary font(s)" when packaging. On iMac with OS10.6.8. CS5 on the same machine doesn't have this problem.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I haven't experienced this problem. Which font(s) won't copy?

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            SmartGraphicArt Level 1

            By trial and error, I determined that my Garamond Premier Pro font isn't working, although it doesn't give me any problems with CS5. I tried removing and re-installing the font but that didn't help. Time to do a work-around, I guess.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Just did a quick test packaging a file in CS6 which used Garamond Premiere Pro Regular, and I had no problem. Maybe the font got corrupted?

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                SmartGraphicArt Level 1

                That's certainly a possibility, but can't figure why CS6 is fussier about that particular font than CS5?

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Packaging troubles are usually associated either with a path name problem (too many, or illegal characters in the path), or a lack or required permissions.

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                    dcald Level 1

                    My client just moved to CS6 (iMac) and we did a package during training with the same result.  She had never had any packaging problems with her previous version and she has made no changes to the machine, document, fonts or file locations outside of the CS6 install. She is using Myriad and Minion families. I hadn't seen this before. I am continuing to run tests to see if I get the same results on my machine using the same fonts and ID files.

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                      vegan.monster Level 1

                      I'm having the same issue. Just upgraded to CS6 from CS5. Files that were able to be packaged in CS5 are no longer able to be packaged in CS6.


                      I'm running on a mac, running 10.7.4, and another mac also running 10.7.4.


                      This is a fairly serious issue as I am regularly sending files to the printer, and can no longer use the package function.


                      I litterally had to copy my entire font library onto a flash drive and manually bring over all the images and and links to it as well, just to meet a deadline.


                      So far I can't seem to find a work around.



                      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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                        SmartGraphicArt Level 1

                        Still having issues with packaging in CS6. I've had to export to IDML and reopen in CS5 just to be able to package the file with fonts. This needs to be fixed soon!

                        By the way, I love other new features in CS6, such as the Illustrator-type ability to select key object when aligning. Just need this packaging issue fixed!

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          You really need to do more digging to figure out what it is about your system that is causing the problem-- it isn't a bug in ID.

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                            SmartGraphicArt Level 1

                            So others having the same problem, and the fact that it still works perfectly in CS5 but NOT in CS6 leads you to believe that it's a bug in my system? I'm afraid I don't get that.

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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                              If it were a bug in InDesign it would be happeing to everyone, not just some users like yourself, and the forum would have been flooded with reports, which it is not. Also, if there were a bug, export to .idml would not be a viable workaround.


                              What other programs, no matter how inconsequential, are you also running? Do you have ANY third-party plugins for ID?

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                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                Actually, I can think of one possible area that there might be a problem in ID that would not be noticed by most users, and that would be if a very large number of fonts were used in a document -- most users don't work with large numbers of fonts in a single file. How many fonts are involved in your file?


                                And of course, the .idml workaround pretty much eliminates this as a possibility anyway...

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                                  SmartGraphicArt Level 1

                                  I'm using two fonts. And the IDML export/import works because the fonts are on my system and I'm opening the file in CS5 on the same system before packaging it. No plugins, just InDesign running. And it's only with some fonts. I'm not completely ruling out the chance that those fonts are corrupted, but I don't understand why they would work fine with CS5. I'm just slowly compiling a list of fonts that give me the error and not using them anymore, which really stinks, because some of those fonts cost me a lot of money. Plus I'm having to completely rework files that worked fine before if I want to use CS6. Needless to say I won't be uninstalling CS5 anytime soon.

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                                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)



                                    I think you mentioned Garamond Premiere Pro above, and Steve said it packages fine for him, so it's not likely to be the font in general. Do you use a font manager?


                                    And again, are you running anything else in the background that migh not seem to have any relation to ID? You'd be surprised what shows up here as conflicts.

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                                      Missermusen Level 1

                                      Hi SmartGraphicArt and Peter Spier,


                                      I am a Danish woman, living in Italy and having a small publishing firm. I make all our books as to graphic design etc. I have EXACTLY the same problem as SmartGraphicArt, Peter, and have been spending enormously much time on that problem. You see, our youngest book of 330 pages should have been sent to the printer yesterday, but due to a total crashdown of my computer and the taking over of a new (and thus shifting from 32 bit to 64 bit and from Windows Vista Business to Windows 7) computer two days ago. I had to reinstall all programs. I chose few months ago to take a year's subscription of Creative Cloud in order also to make a number of home pages. And now the interesting thing comes as to this problem:

                                      On my old computer (32 bit and Vista Business) few days ago I had NO problems with the downloaded CS6 InDesign as to Garamond Premiere Pro - which is so unfortunate to be the all dominant font in the 330 pages big - and illustrated book. No problems at all. BUT in my new computer (64 bit and Windows 7) a number of fonts is missing, or some variants of these (maybe no semibold etc.), and above all Garamond Premiere Pro. My whole book is now one big chaos (of course I only work with styles, but also those are in many variants, altough built on each other). Well, I thought it had something to do with my downloading, so I redownloaded it 3 times more in all - and the result is unfortunately the same. Then I tried to see if I could get hold of the font  as cheap as possible, but that is not so simple if you want a rather big number of variants and the typography of the book is based nearly entirely on that font family.

                                      I think there must be much more people out there having the same problem, but if they do not use Garamond Premiere Pro, Helvetica and some others, then they do not recognise the problem. OR / AND the  problem is associated to 64 bit and Windows 7 and not to 32 bit and older Windows versions and MAC versions. I have in mind to chat with Adobe's technicians today. But then I came across the issue here and start here, hoping somebody can help.


                                      I am a bit desperate because my book should have been sent for print a long time ago (there were other obstances of nearly force majeure character) so first a total pc crashdown and then these font problems in these last days is just TOO MUCH.


                                      Could my reflexions lead you or others to see what the bug is about?


                                      I hope you survive my novel long text. But I am no concise type. Thanks for your patience.

                                      Best regards


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                                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                        Hello Dorte,


                                        Did you reinstall the Garamond Premiere Pro fonts on the new computer? Do you run a font manager?


                                        I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and I've just successfully packaged a file as a test that uses 13 fonts, 6 of them from the Garamond Premier Pro family.

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                                          ssALOIAS Level 1



                                          I am also having the same problem. I have been packaging this same/similar type of document with the same font wtih CS4/CS5/CS5.5 and now I can not package in CS6 with the error:


                                          "Cannot copy necessary fonts".


                                          Have we come to any sort of resolution?


                                          Thanks for any help.

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                                            ProjektyleHeik Level 1

                                            Same or similar problem.

                                            I just started using Creative Cloud and downloaded InDesign CS6, opened a few of my documents using font in question, but Garamond Premier Pro does not exist.

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                                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                              Do you mean it is not installed on the system? As far as I know it is not included free with the suite, but I think it was a registration incentive several years ago.

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                                                Dave Read Work Level 1

                                                I'm having the same issue here.


                                                "cannot copy neccessary fonts" when packaging.


                                                I wonder if the others here have reinstalled on a new hdd recently? I think it may be a permissions issue. I have been having problems with permissions of files after copying them from a regular hdd to a new SSD drive. The fonts were also copied from this old hard drive.


                                                Perhaps Indesign is struggling with the permissions of these fonts?

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                                                  willszz Level 1

                                                  For me going to your fonts folder worked (/Library/Fonts)

                                                  Selecting them all, then right-click 'get info'.

                                                  Make sure all are not locked.


                                                  And in your font-book, select all your fonts, and click 'resolve duplicates'.


                                                  Hope this was helpful.

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                                                    Atanakar Level 1

                                                    We updated two computers last week. One has the warning «cannot cpoy necessary fonts» with Gotham and Din and the other doesn't? We searched for differences between machines but didn't find anything. None of the fonts are «locked» and there are no duplicates. Please help !

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                                                      mloew4 Level 1

                                                      Problem solved, at least for me!


                                                      Peter, thanks for your comments. I had the same problem pop up one day, even after I had packaged other files on the same system with the same version of InDesign without problems. It turned out that two of my fonts were locked. How do you know if your fonts are locked? Do a simple search in the Finder for each font used in your document to see if any of them are locked. If they are (you'll see a small lock on your font icon) then right click > get info > uncheck the "locked" box.

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                                                        SmartGraphicArt Level 1

                                                        Thanks so much for that! I would have never thought to look in the finder for locked fonts! I always go to FontBook to load or verify fonts and as far as I know there is no way in Font Book to lock fonts except to disable them. One other thing, though. I unlocked the fonts in the finder but they kept re-locking themselves. I had to click on the padlock icon at the bottom of the Info window and enter my admin password for each one then relock the padlock after unchecking the "locked" box. Now they are staying unlocked! Wonderful!

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                                                          LostInExposure Level 1

                                                          Thanks for the response.  This also worked for me but follow the above instructions carefully.  I did everything except relocking the padlock and still had issues.  Here are the steps for clarity:

                                                          1.Go to Font Book -> Right click on troublesome font and click Show in Finder

                                                          2. Right click on font name and click Get Info

                                                          3. Scroll to the bottom right of the info panel and click on the gold pad lock to unlock (you will have to type in the system admin password).

                                                          4. Scroll back up and uncheck Locked.

                                                          5. Scroll back to the bottom right of the info panel and click the pad lock to relock. (This was the step that I didn't do before)


                                                          After I did the above steps, my files would package just fine. 

                                                          When I was done, I went back to the Font Book -> right clicked on a font -> Show in Finder.  Change the list view to icon view and looked for the locked fonts.  These show up with a lock on the bottom left corner of the icon.  Then I followed the steps as outlined above.  I did this on every font that was locked and everything seems to be working fine now.  What a pain....

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                                                            Mark_AD_NRA Level 1

                                                            I am having the same problem, with the exception that none of the problem fonts are locked. WarnockPro and ITC Zapt dingbats are the problem children. This is extremely frustrating as I have been using these fonts to publish a national magazine for years and now I am unable to package the files. I find it very disappointing that Adobe is taking a "this is a user level problem" since the previous version of InDesign did not exibit this behavior.

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                                                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                              I find it very disappointing that Adobe is taking a "this is a user level problem" since the previous version of InDesign did not exibit this behavior.


                                                              Unless I've missed something I don't see any Adobe employee responses in this thread. If you feel you've stumpled on a bug, then report it here: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform



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                                                                whitgptx Level 1

                                                                Thanks for the answers explaining the locked fonts. I thought the fonts in my document were not locked, but then  I discovered that I had an extra text box in my document that was assigned to a random font that was locked. The text box did not contain any text but it was assigned to that font ("Square721 Cn BT"). When I unlocked the font file, my document still would not package everything. However, when I typed actual text (using the newly unlocked font "Square721") into the empty text box, my document packaged fine. It also packaged fine when I deleted the text box altogether. The snag for me seemed to be the text box without any text but assigned to a font that was originally locked.


                                                                I don't completely understand, but I'm glad my document is packaging now!

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                                                                  rafikibubu Level 1

                                                                  I had this issue today as well, but my solution was different. So I wanted to post my results. Please notel, I'm using a Mac.


                                                                  I checked to see of my font files were locked, like the previous posters mentioned. But none of my files appeared to be locked.


                                                                  SOME of my font files however seemed to have "no access" on priviledges for "everyone." And As it happens, it seemed like the fonts that were messing up the packaging process were the ones where "everyone" has no access.


                                                                  I guess this makes sense, since it's reasonable to assume that InDesign at least needs to be able to read the font files in order to copy them into the package.


                                                                  See the screen shots here ... you'll see the difference. The file on the right has "read only" for everyone:






                                                                  So for me, this was the issue. So like Peter mentioned ... permissions are one of the common problems when it comes to packaging fonts, and he's right.


                                                                  If you didn't know what he meant ... I think this was it.


                                                                  Thanks all.


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                                                                    Monopoly Bugs Level 1

                                                                    I had the same experience receiving a message "could not copy necessary fonts".  I verified the fonts in fontbook and I unlocked them and verified that they were read and write. I updated to the newest version of Indesign6, restarted. Nothing, and it won't even package everything else and allow me to manually add them. It just creates an empty folder. I have os 10.9, if anyone has any ideas.


                                                                    Never had this problem with the same fonts and files in CS5.  Due to the printer an hour ago.

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                                                                      Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

                                                                      If you have checked on everything in the above comments, run a Disk Utilty just for good measure.

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                                                                        Monopoly Bugs Level 1

                                                                        Thanks! I tried that too, although it is a new harddrive so it only took a second to run verify and repair with a quick return that the disk was good. Some more info, I'm using OS10.9, the font is GIll sans MT pro, various weights although it appears I can't package any file regardless of the file or fonts used.


                                                                        Things I've tried:

                                                                        unlocking all fonts
                                                                        giving read and write privelages to all users and everyone

                                                                        running disk utility

                                                                        resetting OS10.9 system preferences

                                                                        reseeting Indesign preferences

                                                                        updating to newest version of Indesign


                                                                        validated fonts in font book

                                                                        did find font in indesign and simplified the file down to just one validated font and no other strange or unused fonts

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                                                                          pinbot86 Level 1

                                                                          Hey there,


                                                                          Yeah, I'm stumpted. However, for lack of all other options, might I suggest packaging and leaving the "Copy Fonts" option unchecked?


                                                                          At least then, you'll get a package that is simply missing the fonts. Afterward, if you need to, you can simply copy the needed fonts by hand and make your own folder in the package. You said yourself you've now paired the fonts down to a select few.


                                                                          I know this isn't ideal, but again ... for lack of better solutions, at least it's something.