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      Hi, I'm new to after effects. I'm having trouble with exporting swf files correctly they always end up not working, with a huge file size, or in bad quality. what am i doing wrong?

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          what am i doing wrong?


          We cannot know. You did not provide any info about your comp, what effects you use etc. That aside, you may simply be expecting too much.



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            GIJSD Level 1

            Ok sorry, my bad.

            I only got after affects a few weeks.


            I'm working on a typographic animation. each word is seperate png file, and there's 1 jpeg as background.

            i have 11 layers in my comp. and basicly what i did was move them around with position keyframes and scale keyframes.
            i have no effects on there, i only used easy ease function.


            my comp is 310 x 160 px (web banner) 7 sec. and  24 fps

            the biggest png in there is 100kb so thats not it.

            and i played around with my export my export settings, too adjust the file size. either way: its too large or too minimum quality.


            Enough info / any solutions?

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              AE creates an embedded JPEG image sequence in SWFs. Unless you compromise on quality or framerate, the file size is not gonan change. For what you do, Flash Catalyst or Flash Pro would be much more suitable - they'd retain the PNGs and JPEGs and store the animation parametrically.



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                Ok thanks!


                So because i use Jpeg or Png the file size to big.

                So if i would use only vectors this would be solved?

                or is there an other alternative within after effects?

                Kind regards.




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                  Yes, you could use "only vectors", meaning solids with animated masks and a few effects like Radio Waves, but the whole process is still quite limited. It's simply the wrong program. I suggest you read the respective help section on that.