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      Ok working my first ipad 3 rendision. Have a Pinch and Zoom or pan and zoom box and on the ipad3 its not allowing me to zoom in vary far? I have the asset at 4000x4000 px?

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          i Should add that my 2048 px rendition is linked to the 1024 rendition. Is that the issue?

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            Ok trying to run some tests here to solve this issue...and it seems


            Test A: that if the asset (4000px @72dpi) is placed in a box at 100% (that is its being croped by over 50%) then it works but insted of zooming in you tap to activate and then it shrinks to fit container box so that you pinch to zoom. This is acurate in desktop viewer and ipad viewer.


            Test B: Same Asset (4000px @72dpi) is placed in box however in indesign the content is shrunk to say 50%. so now the starting position is zoomed out. Now the desktop content viewer errors saying that image pan overlay is smaller then frame on page.


            Does this make sence to anyone?

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              Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

              You'll get that behavior when you use a 1024x768 source document for the pan and zoom and create a 2048x1536 folio. When you're doing that, you'll want to scale the image by 50% so that the effective ppi is 144 pixels (the Info panel shows the image's effective ppi). (By the way, the upcoming v23 release will offer more options for this situation.)


              From the Pan & Zoom help topic:


              As a general rule, make sure that the image has the exact dimensions you want to use. For example, to pan a 1024-by-1024 pixel image within a 200-by-200 pixel view area, create a 1024-by-1024 image in 72 ppi. However, if you are using 1024x768 source documents in a 2048x1536 folio, using 72 ppi images can result in a different initial view experiences on different iPad models. One approach is to use layers to create different pan & zoom overlays for the different iPad sizes. Another approach is to scale the image by at least 50% so that the effective ppi is at least 144. That way, the initial view behavior remains identical, although the iPad 3 pan and zoom has a more restricted view area.

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                So your saying if I scale or create a 2048x1536 from a 1024x768 that you will always have this issue. Even though Im reattaching new assests that are 144ppi?


                Are you suggesting that I will always have to recreate the pan and zoom boxes fresh not let them be generated by alternitive layout feature?

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                  Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                  Did you create a 2048x1536 alternate layout? Let's take a step back. What is the size of your source layout? What is the size of your folio? What are the dimensions and ppi setting of your pan & zoom image?

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                    Thank you for your time.....Here are the stats.... see attached.Screen shot 2012-09-14 at 3.43.46 PM.png


                    Page Size: 1024x768

                    Container: 952x696

                    Asset Size: 2000x2000px At 72 dpi

                    Effective ppi: 151

                    Content scaled at 47.6%


                    Works Fine!


                    Page Size: 2048x1536

                    Container: 1904x1392px

                    Asset Size: 4000x4000 At 72 dpi

                    Effective ppi: 151

                    Content scaled at 47.6%


                    This Page was created from alternate layout option.



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                      Addisionaly I created a 3rd senario that works but as we stated  when activated image zooms out to 47.6% so that you have an alt initial view then the one in test one.


                      see attached.


                      Am I missing somthing?Screen shot 2012-09-14 at 4.07.42 PM.png

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                        New test: SO the three pages above are all in the same doc as three alt layouts.


                        This time duplicated just the original 1024x768 doc. Instead of alt layout I used the page tool scaled it up to 2048x1536 then scaled the content frame manually. Then replace with 4000 px asset as in test 2 and three. scaled at 46% or 50% same difference and ERROR.


                        So Now I wander if there it is retaining some info about the original 1024 pan and zoom. I still have the 2048x1536 doc set. So I delete the pan zoom box create a new box place the same 4000 asset from test two and three keeping it scaled to match scaling of test 2. and now wala!!! it works!


                        So My question stands...Are we expected to create alt layouts then have to delete all pan and zooms and recreate each from scratch? Or is this an unintended flow?

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                          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                          It sounds like a bug. I'll look into it and get back to you. Unfortunately, I have a deadline (v23 help updates), so it might take me awhile.

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                            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                            Would you mind sending the InDesign file and test images to me? bbringhu@adobe.com

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                              I can get the files to you Monday thanks bob.

                              I look fwd to working out this work flow.

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                                SFS-DPS Level 1

                                Files sent.


                                Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for your help on this.

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                                  Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                  Thanks. I'll let you know what I find out.

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                                    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                    I heard back from the tester:


                                    "I've had a good look at this and can't figure it out. I do have a workaround, if that helps him. But he's probably already figured it out....

                                    The image pan on the first layout does work, it's the ones on the alternate layouts that provoke the error. With those, no matter how I resize the containing rectangle, or copy it, resize it, or scale it I can't get it to work. If I just draw a new rectangle the same size and paste in the image it does work (that's the workaround).

                                    Somehow the rectangles on the alternate layouts got damaged to the extent that they're confused about their size or coordinates. That corruption may just be a fluke. However, one theory is that he scaled the rectangle in InDesign at some point and then had Scale as one of his alternate layout policies. I couldn't reproduce the bug using that scenario, however.

                                    It would be nice to know if he hits the same issue with a new file and new assets, built using the same steps - but I don't know if it's worth the trouble."

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                                      Yes. Everything he said is accurate. I'm confident I can reproduce. As the files I sent were created after I found the issue. 


                                      Yes the work around is fine...however I would have to do that for every pinch and zoom on every new alt. layout. So I guess I was hoping that could be avoided for the future. 


                                      I have say 70 pinch and zooms Times two orientations times 3 formats :(


                                      so I'll run a fresh test in the morning and let you know. I see what he's saying about scaling so I'll do a test with and without any scaling. Liquid rule scal was used when creating alt layout


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                                        I tired everything.


                                        Started with new assets and new document.


                                        Created alt. layout 1024 to 2048 with create links command on and off. With liquid layout on and off. With two layers on the 1024. One for 2000 and one for 4000, hiding one vs the other.


                                        Still the same error.


                                        So I also tired using the clear content fitting Command on the 2048 after it was generated. Still Error.

                                        So other then Deleting the pan zoom box and recreating there ive found no other solution.


                                        Any ideas?


                                        Sidebar question: In this instance of creating a alt layout from 1024 to 2048 is the intend workflow for the individual to create an alt layout or just change the asset on the 1024 and upload that as 2048 in the builder. So is it necessary to create an alt layout for 2048 at all?