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    Update to V1.3 on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?




      how can i update my PS-Touch V1.2 to Version 1.3?

      It came pre-installed on my Note 10.1  and was one of the reasons for buying the tablet.


      Google Play shows only the "buy" button  although PS-Touch is already installed and running just fine.




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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Cumulus7,


          Updates to preinstalled apps work differently than those purchased through Google Play. The Photoshop Touch 1.3 update will be included with a firmware update to the tablet software itself from Samsung. Users with the preinstalled version have to wait a little longer to get this update.



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            Cumulus7 Level 1

            Hi Dave,


            thx for the answer.


            Although it is quite unsatisfactory.

            It is imho really unbelievable that we should have to wait for a firmware upgrade - which everybody knows will probably come the day AFTER the world has ended.....

            What about security-updates?

            Same procedure?

            NOT GOOD!




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              That is really bad news and hardly acceptable. I have owned several Android devices that had commercial software preinstalled. In every case the software could be updated in the Google Play store.


              Please make sure with the Samsung support team, that PS Touch can be updated in the Google Play store in the future.


              If that is not possible, Samsung and Adobe should change the advertizing from 'Bundled with Adobe Photoshop Touch' to 'Bundled with an outdated version of Adobe Photoshop Touch'.

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                Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                This is why I chose a device that uses the purest version of Android. (I have a Motorola Xoom which is in the Nexus family.) No surprises later on. It's now over a year old and has the latest version of Android (Jelly Bean 4.1.1) and PS Touch 1.3.

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                  You paid for PhotoShop Touch on your Xoom, so how does that relate to a bundled(free) version of the app?  Google doesn't update Touch.


                  There's nothing stopping us from buying the commercial PS Touch for the Note 10.1; but then I'd be down $10 for an udpate that doesn't fix what I dislike about this app.


                  The 4.1.1 OS update is already installed on the Note 10.1 over seas and Samsung said the US models will be getting it, so I'm pretty sure we'll see the Touch 1.3 update with the new OS update.




                  I'm all for stock Android btw, but an integrated Wacom is infinitely more useful for me personally and there are some areas that Samsung added to its version of Android, that are quite useful over stock; I much prefer how the stock handles folders though.


                  And it's rosy for the Xoom now, but I recall at launch -- I know 2 people that bought one -- it had no SD card support, and it didn't get it until late last year.  My Asus Transformer had SD support out of the box -- same for my Note 10.1 -- and it received OS updates before the Xoom.


                  Anyways, different topic...