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    A jpeg marker segment length is too short


      While imaging with my Canon T1i last night with my astro club I took probably 75 or 80 pics.  Halfway through the session, my battery low indicator came on, so I changed the battery but may not have turned off the camera....I can't remember.....as I continued to shoot and review the images, everything looked and worked fine.   When I returned home and got up this a.m. to review the pics, the last half could not be be opened.   I usually insert my SD card in my laptop to review first before I transfer them over.  I kept getting this error on the last half of the images I took :" a jpeg marker segment length is too short. The file may be truncated or incomplete."  Anybody seen this or have any experience with this?  Is there any way to recover and otherwise save these images?  Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.  By not turning the camera off while changing batteries, could that be the reason for the error message?  Thanks,  Gary


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