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    Flex Builder settings are getting out of whack

    jpwrunyan Level 1
      In Flex Builder there is a convenient keyboard shortcut where you can highlight class names either in AS or MXML, press F3 and Flex Builder automatically opens the file for that class. When the component is a framework component (eg mx.core.UIComponent) it opens the AS source code. When the component is a custom component, it will open the actual project AS source file or MXML source file accordingly. This is great, wonderful, and speeds up development. Kudos to Adobe.

      Now, just for kicks, I decided to add -keep-generate-actionscript=true to the compiler arguments. FB then put a "generated" directory in my bin, and put AS versions of all my mxml components with the suffix "-generated" appended to the file name. That was fun. I got to see how .mxml components get converted into AS.

      However, now when I press F3 when highlighting an MXML component (either in script or as MXML tag), FB wants to open the generated AS file, not the actual work file. This is not fun. This is very annoying. Why would I even want to do this? Rasberries to you Adobe. I have removed -keep-generated-actionscript=true from the compiler arguments to no avail. I have deleted the "generated" directory and all AS files, also to no avail. I have looked at the various configuration files and cannot find where FB is being instructed to look in the "generated" directory for "-generated.as" files. What gives? How can I return things to normal? Why would adding the above compiler argument change the Flex Builder environment?
      Why must this be?