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    Flash v11.4.402.278 - MSI installs "wrong" version!

    KHemmelman Level 1

      We always install Flash Player using the .MSI installer.  It allows us to use tools to remotely, and silently install it directly from a server location without having to copy the file to the remote pc.


      We download the latest version from "http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html"


      The latest version on this download site is listed as v11.4.402.278 so I downloaded it.


      However, when you install the .MSI installer, the resulting version listed in the Windows installed programs is v11.4.402.267.  Notice the difference in version numbers!


      When we install Flash Player, we always do a 'version check' before installing.  Since the .MSI installer is installing the "wrong" version, it's not possible to correctly do a version check to verify if the target computer already has the latest version installed.


      I don't know that anyone from Adobe will ever read this email, so I doubt they are aware that they have a problem on their download site with the offline .MSI Flash Player install file.  But I thought I'd ask if someone here might know an alternate location in the Adobe infrastructure to download the offline installer for the Flash Player .MSI file that actually installs the correct version number?  Thank you.