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    Roll Over Text Effect


      How can i achieve a rollover text color change as seen here: http://lecaid.com  when you mouse over "portfolio""about""contact".


      The page might take a little bit to load, but any help would be great.


      Im assuming its some kind of rollover script.



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          Ned Murphy MVP

          One way would be to use the text as a mask over a gradient that you move beneath it based on ROLL_OVER and ROLL_OUT events.

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            Gar7 Community Member

            thank you ill try that out.


            do you think i would achieve the fading in and out part by using a gradient?


            To me it seems like its a mask that fades in/out based on the roll over, but the fading goes from left to right.


            I think i could do the fading in and out of the color but that "graident" effect is what really caught me. Possibly that is what you meant, so i will try that.

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              Ned Murphy MVP

              The gradient lies behind the text mask.  It is a gradient from the gray to the pinkish color, and I would say it is a radial gradient.  You slide the gradient across beneath the text, stopping where the pink is for the rollover and continuing off to the right so that the gray is restored for the rollout.