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    Need to export movie without black bars

    Jfry332155 Level 1



      I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4.2.1, and I have an issue I am not sure how to handle.  My short film was shot in 1920x1280 at 23.976fps.  It was shot with a 2:35 aspect ratio in mind, so I have an 816 matte that I've put over the timeline, but the export is in 1920x1080.  This matte covers the boom mic since we knew the aspect ratio when shooting.


      I have a distribution company that wants an export with all active pixels, so no black bars.  But if I take them out, the mic will show.  How can I handle this?  What should I export it as if the matte was taken off?  1920 x 816?


      The project settings are:


      general:desktop, 23.976fps, 1920x1080, square (1.0) for pixel aspect ratio, and 24fps timeline for display format.


      Here's the movie with the black bars:



      Any help would be really appreciated, thank you!