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    insert a TIFF into a PDF_showing all of Photoshops edits

    c_starsky Level 1

      Hi All,

      I was trying to create a PDF with some modified TIFFs.

      The TIFFs were opened, manipulated and flattened in Photoshop to reduce file size.

      I then took a few TIFFs and tryed to create a new PDF.

      When the PDF was created I zoomed into one of the pages.

      Noticed that the Photoshop editing has shown thru (all of the good and removed editing).

      It was like all of the Photoshop editing had come thru, all though I had flattened the image at its final output.


      I then tryed to create another PDF.

      I took the flattened TIFF images and saved them as PDFs in Photoshop.

      This helped.  However, the file size was super huge.

      The 'reduce file size' destroyed the clarity of the pictures.


      Is there a way to create a PDF from flattened TIFFs without all of the Photoshop edits to come along?





      Acrobat 10

      Photoshop CS5

      Windows 7 HP x64