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    Keeping figure outlines straight?

    Gerben Wierda Newcomer

      Sometimes, when I want to let text flow partly inside an image, I use the pen tool to add points and move the points with the A tool (forget the name). When I do that, I would like to keep the outline of the diagram horizontal/vertical. But how much I try, most of the time the points do not align, and I end up with slightly skewed outlines. Trying to get them straight generallly doesn't work at all. Even when they look straight, as soon as I release the mouse, they shift a little and I get non-straight outlines.


      Is there a way I can tell Id to keep the outline of a figure in strict horizontal/vertical lines?

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          Manish-Sharma Ninja

          Try to create the line with the Shift Key pressed on the Keyboard.

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            Peter Spier Legend

            To what, exactly are you adding the points? Do you have text wrap applie to thes images and you want the text to overlap slightly, or are you changing the outlines of the image frames?

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              Gerben Wierda Newcomer

              Here is an example

              Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 20 September 17.37.48.png

              I am trying to get the 'wrap' contour straight, using the Direct Selection Tool (A). You see that the contour is not made of straight lines. I tried selecting with shift, but that does not help.

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                Peter Spier Legend

                Try selecting the pont and using the arrow keys to move it. No guarantee it will work.


                But remember, there is no actual need for these wrap boundaries to have true horizontal or vertical lines. They don't show in the finished product, and it's the points at the bottom right of the lower two horizontal lines in your scrreenshot (the outide corners in this case) that will contol the wrap below the blue box. The inside corner could be in the yellow box to the left and it would make no difference to the wrap.

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                  Mead324 Newcomer

                  Peter is right, they don't need to be exact.


                  However, if you want to make your lines exactly vertical or horizontal and are having trouble, try using the X and Y axis numbers that are up at the top of your screen in the control bar. For instance if you want to line up two points for a perfectly vertical line, select point A (the top right corner) with your white arrow. Look at the measurement listed in the X axis box on your control bar. Let's say it's at 1.25 inches. Now click on point B (the lower right corner) with your white arrow. Look at the measurement listed in the X axis box on your control bar. If it says 1.25 inches, then your line is perfectly straight. If it says another number, then go ahead and type, "1.25 in" and hit "enter" on your keyboard. Your point will adjust and you now have a perfectly straight vertical line. (For horizontal lines, you'll use the Y axis.) It's definitely the longer way around, but if you're having trouble getting something exactly straight, you can do it by the numbers.

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                    Gerben Wierda Newcomer

                    I don't think this is right. The text follows the wrap. And if for instance the vertical line os not perfectly vertical, the text will be set against a not vertical line (which is not what I want). Note, I am not talkig about the square in the lower left where also the anchor line starts. I am talking about that very thin line where the text wraps against. Not the upper part of the text as that encounters the text frame boundary first, but the line where the text to the right of the blue object wraps against.


                    It is that thin line that you can arrange the points of by selecting the A tool. And you can add and remove points by using the pen tool.


                    If that thin line is not exactly horizontal or vertical, wrapping is affected. Sometimes, with a not perfectly horizontal line, you will for instance get a separate word of a line, then a while nothing than th erest of the line. This happens when that at the location of the single word has just enough space to be typeset. Here is an extreme example:

                    Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 21 September 11.23.32.png

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                      Peter Spier Legend

                      Sure, the slope is important if there is more than a single line of type involved, more so with verticals than horizontals, IF you are actually using the line to control the wrap.


                      In your screen shot it's evident, however, that the vertical leg of the customized wrap is far enough to the left that it's the text frame edge that is being used, not the wrap line, to control the left edge of the text, and as long as the two points on the horizontal leg fall within the same line of type they can be anywhere. You can spend a lot of time pasting coordinates, or you can eyeball it here and get some work done.