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    Push Notifications and Enterprise


      Hello there,


      We have been upgraded from woodwing to Adobe DPS last month.


      We are slowly getting back to the way it was before and know that some features will come in future updates.


      There is only 1 thing I don't get or could find any documentation for was Push notifications on a enterprise build.


      We have the app build for enterprise, but the mobileprovsion requires a app ID with a asterix(*) in it.

      Apple sees this as a wildcard and thus I cannot configure the Push Notifications for the provisions.


      So that is not really a big deal, cause we always have 3rd party options.


      Now I noticed that the viewer builder gives you the option for Apple push and adobe push, and a custom url.

      But whenever I choose the option above that saying its a 'Enterprise Build' I cannot check the Push buttons.

      I cannot setup any Push at all.


      So does anybody know how to setup push notifications for a enterprise build app, or have any Documentation on how to set it up?


      Kind Regards,

      Patrick van Zadel