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    Premiere Elements 10 AVI file with MJPG CODEC

    Susan Verner Level 1

      I am working on a project in PE 10 with video clips exported from MPEG Streamclip as AVI files.  They are sports highlight clips of about 20 seconds each.  I've been doing projects like these for years and have had no problems since my last post here in 2009. 


      After importing 30 clips to PE 10, editing the clips down, adding a highlight circle to each clip, and adding titles, I realized I wasn't getting any audio from these clips.  I thought that was strange but added some background music which I thought would be fine.  But the high schooler who I'm doing this for would like the game audio, so....


      I began investigating here.  I opened GSpot and found that these files use the MJPG Codec and that the Codec is installed.  So I rendered the files (using 5 clips instead of all 30 just to see if this worked first) and the audio plays in the small window.  (I also looked at some clips from projects I've done with audio in GSpot to see what Codec they used, which was DivX.) 


      But in PE 10 I'm still not getting audio.  Is there something I can do to the video clips, or the project settings in PE 10 to get the audio back?