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    How to stop compiler error panel showing full path for location


      I'm using flash cs5.5 with FlashDevelop. When I make a mistake in my code and get a compiler error, flash displays information about the error in the compiler error panel. This has two parts, the location and the description. I am mostly interested in the description, but I would also like to know in which .as file the error can be found, so I do need to see the location too.

      Unfortunately, the location is displayed as the full file path, which could be very long, such as :

      C:\Users\alex.harrison\Flash\Nessy\BDC_HairyPhonics_CD\Development\Flash\Classes\app\scree ns\games\trickywords\data\TrickyWordsGameData.as

      This leaves no room on my screen for the description to be displayed. If I shrink down the portion of the screen given over to the location info, it gets truncated, and only displays the useless end of the filepath, eg:




      Ideally I would prefer the location to simply display the filename, not the full path. Is there any way to configure it to do this?


      And if not, why not?....



      Alex H