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    Index Generation - output breaks in mid column when loaded


      I generate the index for a book and place it in pages with a master of two columns per page. It loads fine, but the page number references have too much space between them, so my index is larger than I want.


      I change the page number separation to be comma followed by en space. I repeat the process with the new page separation, and about a column and a half in, I get an error indication and the index jumps to the next single column page.


      If I repeat the process going into single column pages, it does work, but if I then apply the two column master page, the same problem. The behavior is as if the page number part of the index is non breaking.


      I've attached two screenshots. The first is the original place where it stopped flowing into the column of a two column page. The second is where I just deleted a couple of digits from the leading number of the entry that didn't flow properly. A dozen or so lines then popped in.IndesignPC1.jpg

      Second image follows:


      Also, if you look at the second  image, it is splitting page numbers at the end of the column,


      I had this same problem back in 2006. At that time it was suggested that the thin space, en space, etc wasn't recognized as a space so indesign looked at it as one long word. Seems like it should have been fixed since then.


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