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    printing using .pdf presets...


      I've created a file in inDesign, exported it using High Quality print (PDF presets) and my Canon ImagePRESS (dropped the .pdf in Creo) is taking forever and a day to print. Should I use the Press Quality option? There are a lot of images and transparency is used a lot as well. But, its never taken this long... I'm printing a book of about 8 pages, it may take 5-7 minutes per book. Should I select another .pdf preset to print my job faster?


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          John Danek Level 4

          It may print faster if you used : "Smallest File Size" or "Standard" which are more appropriate for your type of output device.  But, diverting to "Press Quality" will not make much of a difference in speed.  Another option would require a bit more work, but will help getting it through the RIP.  That would be creating a low resolution version of the same file.  So, create a copy and downsample all of the images to low res, somewhere around 100ppi, instead of the defualt 300ppi.  If you've sized the images in InDesign, size them in PS ( Photoshop ) and "Place" them at 100% @ 100ppi.  I have a feeling the amount of time equals the amount of effort required to output the file ( memory ).  You might also simplify some of the effects applied to elements in the file.  But, listen.  5-7 minutes for an 8 page booklet is not a long time ( actually less than a minute per page ).


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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            Please don't post same content in multiple forums. Your question is answered in your original posting. See <http://forums.adobe.com/message/4715853#4715853>. And “no” - don't use the Press Quality settings!


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