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    How to change the number of multicam previews (CS6)?


      Hi folks,


      Just invested in CS6, upgraded from CS5, and I've got the following problem.


      When I create a multicam edit, the old fanshioned way using sequence nesting, I can't seem to adjust the number of multicam preview windows, or rather reduce the number.


      I'm preparing to use the multicam monitor to edit 3 clips, left cam, centre cam, right cam, from a musical performance, however the default number of previews in the multicam monitor is 9, where I only need 3. The problem being the 3 previews I need are really small because of the un-used blank previews, all 6 of them.


      How can I reduce the number of multicam previews to the number I require, resulting in larger sized previews? e.g. In this case I imagine 4 preview spaces would make better use of the screen real estate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      Thanks in advance.