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    Dreamweaver CS6 & Creative Cloud File Sync


      I have a question.  I am looking into purchasing the Creative Cloud subscription.  I currently own license for CS5.  The one feature I am very interested in is the file synchronization.  I have two main systems I use and it is a pain having to copy the files back and forth for my web applications.  The question I have is how does this synchronization work within Dreamweaver CS6?  Can you create a site then as editing it uploads the changes to the Adobe cloud therefore when I say go mobile with my laptop, I can just pull down the updated files with very little effort on my part?  The ideal way I would like this to work is like in Apple's new Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps.  The information is synced between the devices without me ever having to think about it.


      If there is a video out there that will show me the workflow for using the Createive Cloud with Dreamweaver, that would be great.  This is the only question I have before I make the jump onto the subscription model.